Netflix worth more than Comcast, catching up on Disney

Netflix worth more than Comcast, catching up on Disney Netflix is on our minds again in this week’s subscription roundup. The subscription giant’s stock price reached an all-time high this week, making it more valuable than Comcast. What does the future hold for Netflix? In other news, now you can subscribe to tech support with Best Buy’s new subscription plan. Lastly, we look at a problem in the subscription industry which may affect its viability in the long term.

Netflix catching up on arch-rival Disney

Netflix’s stock priced reached an all-time high this week taking the company’s market cap to a record $149 billion. This means that Netflix is now officially more valuable than Comcast which is sitting at $147 billion. More importantly, Netflix is just a shade under Disney which is sitting pretty at $153 billion. Netflix has also grabbed headlines this week for its content deal with former US President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Best Buy introduces $200 annual tech support subscription plan

It seems almost anything can be subscribed to these days! American consumer electronics company Best Buy has launched an annual subscription plan for tech support. Priced at $200 per year, the subscription service will offer tech support or online help for most tech products. Subscribers can also go into Best Buy stores and get help for basic support tasks. Does this offer enough value for money? The jury is out!

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Does the subscription industry have a problem?

If you have been following our subscription roundup for some time, you will know that a lot of new players have entered the subscription industry in the last year. However, a recent report suggests that the entire subscription industry is a 1% economy, meaning only 1% of the active users subscribe to online services. The remaining 99% are ready to go to great lengths to gain access to the content for free. To counter these low conversion rates, businesses are having to increase the prices of their subscription plans which further prevents users from subscribing to their services.

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