YouTube announces details about its new music streaming service

YouTube announces details about its new music streaming service In this week’s subscription roundup, we look at YouTube’s new music subscription service which is all set to compete against market leaders Spotify and Apple Music. Can it gain significant market share? Next, we examine whether the subscription business model can be the lifeline wearables need. Our final feature looks at the most popular subscriptions in the UK.

YouTube Music launching on 22nd May 

The long-awaited YouTube music streaming service is finally here. Called YouTube Music, the newest streaming service from the Google stables is all set to launch on 22nd May with two versions – the ad-supported free version and the subscription-based premium version. YouTube Music Premium will cost $9.99 per month, and will give subscribers access to background listening, downloads and an ad-free experience. YouTube Music will first be rolled out to customers in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea.

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Can wearables get a boost with subscriptions?

Apart from the Apple Watch, the wearable market hasn’t seen any noticeable demand over the last year. Wearable makers such as Whoop are leaning more towards specialised devices – not the run-of-the-mill activity trackers – to give athletes access to in-depth stats tracking. Now, the company has decided to launch a subscription service for its app as well as its band. In addition, the company has even stopped selling the Whoop band as a standalone product. Users will have to necessarily subscribe to their $30 monthly plan for getting their hands on the device.

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And the most popular subscription service in the UK is…

A recent survey by Whistl has revealed the most popular subscription services in the UK. And yes, you guessed it, Amazon Prime is the leading subscription service with a staggering 61.4% of respondents subscribing to the service. The next in line are Graze, nextunlimited, ASOS Premier, Pact Coffee and Glossybox. Convenience and value for money were the two factors cited as the key drivers behind signing up for these subscription services.

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Ryan Allen
The long-awaited revamp for YouTube Music will eventually replace Google Play Music.
21/05/2018 10:13:56

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