Android TV now offers one-click subscriptions

Android TV now offers one-click subscriptions Subscriptions are important for video streaming platforms and it makes a lot of business sense to simplify the subscription process. Google is now offering a one-click subscription feature on Android TV which will streamline the sign-up process and this story is our main highlight in this week’s subscription roundup. Spotify is also experimenting in a new direction with interactive ads for listeners. In other news, Amazon Prime continues to get getter for subscribers as the service will soon launch one-day standard shipping. Tinder and The New York Times are also seeing a lot of growth thanks to subscription models. In fact, the latter is now starting a new subscription-based parenting site. Meanwhile, data visualisation software company Tableau is also reaping the benefits of the subscription model. And finally, we look at how subscription models are enabling hardware businesses to offer more value to their customers.

Android TV simplifies the subscription sign-up process

Google’s Android TV is now making it easy for users to sign up for subscriptions. Essentially, it is combining a lot of steps together to offer a ‘one-click’ subscription feature. This is being done to compete with rivals such as Amazon Channels and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick which allows viewers to watch content from other apps without downloading separate apps for each service.

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Spotify testing interactive ads

Music streaming giant Spotify is known for pushing the boundaries of audio technology. The company is now testing first-of-its-kind ads that will allow users to interact with their voices. Spotify is currently testing the feature on both its Android and iOS apps, and the interactive ads are consistent with an increasing focus on voice-activated smart speakers like Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo. Spotify has also been testing new features such as sleep timer, scan codes and maps integration.

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Amazon Prime to offer one-day shipping

Amazon manages to find new ways to keep improving its Amazon Prime subscription bundle. Prime members will soon get access to one-day standard shipping, instead of the earlier 48-hour window. The company plans to spend $800 million in the second quarter to build the infrastructure required to improve the shipping speed.

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Tinder subscriptions on the rise

Dating app Tinder’s subscription service has become one of its strongest suits. Its parent company, Match Group, has posted strong revenue growth of 14% as Tinder subscriptions continue to rise and the company explores newer markets in Asia. The average number of subscribers across Match Group apps which also include the likes of Hinge, and OKCupid has reached 8.6 million in the first quarter.

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The New York Times reports strong first quarter earnings thanks to subscriptions

The New York Times has enjoyed a good first quarter and it seems to have met the broad expectations of its key stakeholders. The newspaper reported strong subscription revenue growth which now stands at $270.8 million. It also raked in 223,000 new digital subscriptions. While most of the subscriptions were for its core news offering, its cooking and crossword products also attracted a fair share of subscribers.

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The New York Times to launch third vertical – NYT Parenting

The New York Times has just launched a new parenting site that will give new and expectant parents access to news, essays, milestone information and other guidance around parenting. The site will be free for use for now, but will eventually be offered as a subscription service. The New York Times already offers The New York Times Crossword and NYT Cooking, as reported in an earlier subscription roundup.

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Tableau rides the subscription wave

Business intelligence platform Tableau’s latest earnings report has demonstrated its growing shift from perpetual licenses towards a recurring revenue model. The company’s annual recurring revenue stands at $902 million, up 41% year-on-year.

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Subscriptions are increasingly becoming the lifeline for hardware businesses

A lot of hardware-first businesses such as Apple, Oculus and Sphero are looking at subscriptions to drive their next phase of growth. The increasing adoption of recurring revenue models is enabling these companies to offer additional value to subscribers and stand out from the competition. While hardware innovation is hard, services are proving to be a big differentiator for these businesses.

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