Apple releases new iPod Touch with Apple Arcade in mind

Apple releases new iPod Touch with Apple Arcade in mind The gaming industry is dominating this week’s subscription roundup. Apple has just launched a new iPod after 4 years, keeping in mind its upcoming gaming subscription service – Apple Arcade. Will gamers and audiophiles take to the new iPod Touch? Meanwhile, French gaming giant Ubisoft may also be entering the subscription space according to leaked reports. In addition, music streaming giant Spotify continues enhancing features for its users. And finally, we look at a report that shows Netflix has a lot of catching up to do in the mobile sector.

New iPod Touch perfectly complements Apple Arcade

Apple has released a new iPod after four long years. The new seventh generation iPod Touch comes with enhancements to power, capability and communication. The inclusion of Apple’s powerful A10 fusion chip means that the device can now be used for gaming too. Apple’s latest device launch comes ahead of the unveiling of its much-awaited gaming subscription service – Apple Arcade – later this year.

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Ubisoft may launch a new subscription service soon

French gaming company Ubisoft has inadvertently released details of its new subscription service purportedly called Ubisoft Pass Premium. An image regarding the service was live on Ubisoft’s Play Store for a while before it was taken down. Word on the grapevine is that the service may be similar to EA Access.

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Spotify introduces sleep timer on its Android App

Spotify has introduced a sleep timer on its Android app which will allow listeners to doze off while listening to music. Users are being offered a variety of time limits for the sleep timer. The music streaming giant has been introducing a range of features in a bid to stay ahead of its competitors.

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Netflix still doesn’t account for majority of mobile viewers

SVOD giant Netflix usually tops the viewership rankings across every channel. However, a new report has revealed that the company still doesn’t own a significant share of global mobile traffic. Netflix only accounts for 2.4% of all downstream mobile traffic worldwide. YouTube is the market leader in this space accounting for 37% of global mobile internet traffic, indicating that people prefer watching shorter videos on phones instead of full-length shows or movies.

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