Oculus monetises Virtual Reality with subscriptions

Oculus monetises Virtual Reality with subscriptions In this week’s subscription roundup, our main highlight covers a new-age subscription service in the Virtual Reality (VR) space as Facebook-owned Oculus is all set to monetise VR for enterprises through its Oculus for Business service. Meanwhile, Apple continues to grow stronger in the subscription business with a reported revenue of $11.5 billion in its second quarter earnings report. In other news, Netflix continues to improve its streaming technology with new, high-quality audio for TV viewers. Popular game developer Zynga is also exploring subscriptions for its games. In addition, Indian ride-hailing service Ola is in talks with luxury carmakers for a self-drive subscription service. We also look at a report on Enterprise Network subscriptions. And finally, we investigate how ‘subscription creep’ is increasingly impacting subscribers across the globe.

Facebook’s Oculus makes foray into enterprise subscriptions

VR hardware and software maker Oculus has launched Oculus for Business, a new service that aims to expand the use of VR in the workplace. This subscription service will rollout in the fall, adding Oculus Quest to its hardware along with a set of tools for enterprises to leverage VR. Oculus for Business will provide a software suite for device setup and management, along with enterprise grade service and support as well as customised UX.
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Apple now a services-first business?

In its second quarter earnings report, Apple’s numbers continue to support its growing transformation into a services company. While Apple’s revenue from iPhone sales dropped 17% to $31 billion year-on-year, the company’s services business generated $11.5 billion in sales, up 17% from the same quarter last year. More importantly, its services business now brings in more revenue than Mac and iPad sales combined.
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Netflix launches high-quality audio for its viewers

Netflix’s success can be attributed to its premium technology as much as to its original content and subscription billing experience. The company is now rolling out a new high-quality audio feature that will offer better sound to its viewers. Netflix has already launched tools to improve in-flight streaming.
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Zynga exploring subscriptions for its games

Game developer Zynga is testing the possibility of launching subscriptions for some of its games. The company drew $265 million in the first quarter, and its CEO Frank Gibeau believes that subscriptions can be a viable business model for Zynga going forward. The gaming company is exploring subscriptions for games such as ‘Words With Friends’ which will give players access to extra content.
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Ola in talks with luxury carmakers to introduce self-drive subscription service

Indian ride-hailing platform Ola is in discussions with luxury carmakers such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, among others, to launch a subscription service under its self-drive offering. Ola has been running a pilot and is expected to launch the full-scale service in the next few weeks.
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Enterprise network subscriptions – what are the advantages?

More vendors have started moving towards subscription business models. These bring forth many advantages such as better visibility of assets, less overlap across departments and make it easier for IT to deploy assets.
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How can businesses help customers cope with subscription creep?

Subscription creep refers to recurring monthly fees for unused services that can add up over time. This growing phenomenon is frustrating subscribers worldwide as more industries explore the subscription model. Ethical and forward-looking businesses need to help customers stem the tide.
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