Spotify testing new Instagram-like Storyline feature

Spotify testing new Instagram-like Storyline feature Spotify is back on top of the headlines in this week’s subscription roundup with new developments to strengthen its position as the leading music streaming app. The company is working on a new feature called Storyline that gives artists an opportunity to bring behind-the-scenes information to listeners. Spotify is also working on a lighter version of its app for low-end Android phones in India. In other news, Netflix continues to expand boundaries as it looks towards newer avenues in gaming. In addition, Walmart is launching next day delivery to its customers to counter Amazon Prime. And finally, we look at a Comscore report which showcases the growing dominance of the leading SVOD platforms in the US.

Spotify building new feature to improve user experience

Leading music streaming company Spotify is building a new feature that will enable artists to provide deeper levels of engagement to their fans. Similar to Instagram Stories, Spotify’s new feature called Storyline allows musicians to provide more information about their songs to listeners. The feature is currently being tested on iOS and Android. In addition, Spotify-owned music editing software company Soundtrap is working on a new product designed to make podcast editing easier. Spotify has increased its focus on podcasts in recent times, acquiring podcasting companies Gimlet Media and Anchor.

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Spotify Lite beta app being tested in India

Spotify, which launched in India earlier this year, is testing a light version of its app which is specifically built for low-end Android phones. It has already conducted successful testing of this app in emerging markets such as Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil. The Spotify Lite app takes up less space on the phones and enables users to save data.

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Is Netflix harbouring ambitions for the gaming industry?

SVOD giant Netflix is hosting a panel at the Electronic Entertainment Expo – a leading event for computer and video games. Is this an indication that the company is interested in moving into the gaming industry? It is likely that Netflix may provide hints about its show-to-game adaptation, similar to its recent ventures with interactive content.

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Walmart to offer free next-day delivery

In last week’s subscription roundup, we brought news of Amazon’s plans to bring one-day shipping to its Prime users. Now, in a bid to counter the Amazon threat, arch-rival Walmart will begin rolling out ‘NextDay’ shipping to customers in Phoenix and Las Vegas, and expand to 75% of the US by the end of the year.

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Video streaming dominated by Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Amazon Prime

This may not come as a surprise, but Comscore has revealed that the US video streaming landscape is dominated by four companies – Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Amazon. These four SVOD businesses account for nearly 79% of all video streaming in the country. The other US-based streaming businesses account for only 21%. Can Disney+ and Apple TV+ break this stronghold?

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