Streamlined order checkout: Paving the way to subscription success with Cerillion Skyline

Streamlined order checkout: Paving the way to subscription success with Cerillion Skyline
A streamlined order checkout process can go a long way to delivering a superior customer experience and standing out from the competition. So, how do Cerillion Skyline’s latest features propel you towards subscription success?

For any e-commerce business, delivering a super smooth customer experience is the key to success. While a lot of businesses tend to focus on the bigger aspects such as the inventory, landing pages and pricing to design their customer experience, it is often the small things that matter most to your end customers. And one of those often unstated things is delivering a superior checkout experience.
Many e-commerce businesses pay very close attention to presenting their product catalogue, but the checkout pages are not high enough in the priority order. However, just think how many times you have skipped buying an item because the checkout process was tedious or not flexible towards your needs? A very simple way to improve conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment and improve the customer experience is to build an intuitive checkout process that works seamlessly on any device.
Nevertheless, building a streamlined order checkout page isn’t a walk in the park. Apart from the workflow and design, subscription businesses have to think about the PCI compliance issues that come with recurring credit card payments along with security threats and payment fraud. Moreover, with regulations such as GDPR, businesses need to make data management a top priority as well. Ensuring that all compliance, regulatory and security requirements are in place can be a daunting challenge for any business, especially small and medium-sized subscription businesses.
Hosted checkout pages offer an easy and secure mechanism to deliver a smooth buying experience, and by letting a specialist platform provider take charge of the checkout process, you can focus on the nuts and bolts of your business. When you are hunting for a subscription billing solution, ensure that the platform offers enough checkout flexibility including support for multiple payment methods, a responsive design to work on any device, and smooth integration with existing systems.

How Cerillion Skyline streamlines your checkout experience

Skyline is a powerful subscription management platform that is built for the next generation of subscription and usage based services. In the latest Skyline release, we have launched a new hosted order page (HOP) which has been completely redesigned to offer greater flexibility and improve the checkout experience for your customers and partners.
With Cerillion Skyline, you are guaranteed:
  • Improved user experience (UX) - Available in all Skyline editions, the HOP has been redesigned with a brand-new user interface which can be easily integrated as part of your order process. This new design is built using the latest standards and trends for a modern checkout experience, providing an easy to use and understand form, which is familiar to customers and consistent with other online stores.
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD) - With mobile internet visitors outnumbering desktop traffic by a ratio of 2:1, a mobile-first strategy is now crucial for all budding subscription businesses. Our new HOP is fully ‘responsive’ to the user’s device and orientation, dynamically adapting the layout to provide the best possible experience for each user’s device and screen size.
  • Enhanced security - The underlying technology of the HOP has also been updated in line with the latest PCI standards to ensure the highest level of security, allowing your customers to shop with complete confidence.
  • Flexible data model - Every company has a different process and may require capturing additional information during an order. To help with this task, Skyline’s custom fields can be configured to be displayed and requested on the HOP. For example, Skyline can be set up to ask for the customer’s preferred installation date, an identification number, extra order notes, or any other details that may be needed to fulfil your order process effectively.
  • GDPR compliance - The HOP includes several features to ensure that all personal data which is collected and recorded in Skyline is handled in accordance with the European Union’s GDPR:
    • Full transparency to users and a choice of whether their payment details will be stored for future transactions.
    • Allows administrator users to create and manage one or more customised messages and checkboxes asking for customer consent.
As a subscription e-commerce business, it is extremely important that you choose a subscription billing platform that can meet all your requirements for delivering a superior checkout experience in line with your company brand and vision. A hosted checkout page may ultimately be the difference between you and your competitors.

Come and experience Cerillion Skyline – the only platform you will need to growth hack your way to subscription success!