Apple’s subscription video streaming service may launch sooner than expected

Apple’s subscription video streaming service may launch sooner than expected In this week’s subscription roundup, we bring you more details about Apple’s upcoming video streaming service - it turns out that the tech giant may be looking to launch it sooner than expected. Next, we take a closer look at Amazon’s cashier-less Amazon Go store in the US. After Apple and Amazon, we move on to Google who might soon allow users to pause subscriptions on the Google Play Store. In addition, Mozilla is also planning to get into the subscription game by selling VPN subscriptions within the Firefox browser. Finally, we look at some sneaky subscription tactics being used by app developers on the Apple iOS store.

Apple’s new video subscription service: Coming soon

The subscription industry is keenly awaiting the launch of Apple’s new video subscription service. The company, which has a new found love for the subscription model, might be looking to launch its video streaming service sooner than expected. The service, which is likely to launch in the first half of 2019, will first be available to users in the US and will eventually be rolled out to more than 100 countries across the globe. Reportedly, Apple is also planning to launch a subscription bundle containing video, music and news.

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Amazon launches another Amazon Go store in the US

Amazon’s offline expansion plans continue to gain momentum with the launch of its third cashier-less Amazon Go store in the US. Located in San Francisco, California, the store offers a unique checkout-free shopping experience to customers after they scan their Amazon Go account at the entry. Interestingly, this Amazon Go store seems to be targeting delis, cafes and casual lunch spots with its focus on fresh food and a hand-picked selection of small goods. It will also be interesting to see how Amazon integrates its Prime experience with Amazon Go.
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Google Play may bring pause subscription feature

As subscriptions become a lucrative avenue for tech businesses, the game is now on to deliver a superior customer experience and differentiate from the competition. Google is looking to help its app developers by introducing the ability to pause subscriptions on the Play Store soon. This will give more flexibility to users who may want to pause a subscription when not in use, instead of cancelling the subscription altogether.

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Mozilla to sell VPN subscriptions within Firefox browser

Mozilla is the latest tech company to get bitten by the subscription bug. The company has partnered with ProtonVPN to run a pilot schemewhich will allow selected US-based Firefox users to purchase a VPN subscription within the browser. While the cost of the ProtonVPN subscription service within Firefox is the same as buying directly from the company, the majority of the revenues will go to Mozilla. If the experiment is successful, the built-in VPN subscription service may be rolled out as an option to the entire Firefox user base of 300 million.
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Apple App Store plagued by sneaky subscription tactics

Many app developers on the iOS App Store have resorted to dark tactics to trick users into subscribing to expensive apps. More surprisingly, some of these apps are among the top grossing apps on the App Store, earning in excess of $10 million in subscription revenue. These apps tend to lure users through short free trials which automatically convert into free subscriptions. Some others use deceptive UI elements and hard to cancel subscription offerings. While scammers will always find ways to make money, it is important that users stay vigilant before subscribing to any service or even opting for a free trial.
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