Spotify integrates with Google Maps and Garmin

Spotify integrates with Google Maps and Garmin In this week’s subscription roundup, the focus is on Spotify as it rolls out new features to stay ahead of other music apps. The streaming service has announced integration plans with Google Maps and smartwatch maker Garmin to give more options to its users. We then move to Singapore where delivery service Deliveroo has just launched its Deliveroo Plus subscription service. Lastly, we look at an interesting report that singles out how much internet bandwidth Netflix consumes!

Now listen to Spotify while navigating Google Maps and using Garmin

In many ways, Spotify is like the Netflix of the music streaming space - constantly adding new features to keep its edge over competitors such as Apple Music. The latest updates see the company announcing integration with Google Maps and smartwatch brand Garmin. Google Maps users will now be able to seamlessly manage playback settings and enjoy Spotify music during active navigation, whilst owners of compatible Garmin watches will also be able to listen to Spotify directly from the app on their watches.
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Deliveroo expands to Singapore with its Deliveroo Plus service

British food delivery company, Deliveroo, has just launched its Deliveroo Plus service in Singapore. Typically, customers in the region end up paying around SGD $3 for every food delivery, but the subscription service will give Singaporeans unlimited deliveries for a set fee of SGD $10.90 per month. Customers who subscribe by November will also get the first month free.
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Netflix consumes 15% of all internet bandwidth

According to a new study by Sandvine, SVOD giant Netflix accounts for 15% of all downstream internet traffic worldwide, out of a total 58% of internet traffic used by video streaming services. The report also highlights the growing piracy issue as file sharing takes up 22% of all upstream traffic. Poor distribution and multiple video streaming services are the key reasons cited for the increase in piracy.
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