Cerillion turns ‘20’

Cerillion turns ‘20’

Cerillion turns 20 today and we are proud of everything we have achieved so far. Here's a special blog post dedicated to our victories, the challenges we faced on the way and the changing technological landscape over the last two decades. 


Logica spin off
Ahead of its time
Founded in Autumn
But short of a dime

VCs and PEs
Dot com boom and bust
Ahead of the breeze
We sailed through the dust

Out went Best-Of-Breed
Except for the rich
In came Best-Of-Suite
An easier switch

3G to 5G
On prem to in cloud
We will always be
Ahead of the crowd

Then less than fifteen
Now two hundred plus
A true world-class team
And one you can trust

London to Pune
Miami to Oz
Later to sooner
What time was it was?

Customers growing
But each most cherished
Else we are knowing
We would soon perish

Gartner Peer Insights
Magic Quadrant too
Continue to cite
The things we can do

Markets and briefings
But still we remain
Agile and leaping!

Now 20 years on
Established yet young
Look out everyone
We have just begun