Google announces new subscription plans for Nest Aware

Google announces new subscription plans for Nest Aware In our subscription roundup this week, we look at tech giant Google’s new whole-home subscription plans for Nest Aware. Will it increase the popularity of Google’s smart home products? We then look at Netflix which has enjoyed a healthy third quarter on the back of hits such as ‘Stranger Things’ while Amazon continues to make its Prime program more attractive for shoppers. We then fly with Delta Air Lines which has just launched an interesting subscription plan. Subscription Creep continues to claw on entertainment budgets in the US with a new report highlighting that 27% of Americans are spending more than $100 per month on video streaming services. Finally, we look at Facebook which is moving ahead with its Libra cryptocurrency project despite stiff opposition from regulators.

Google launches whole-home Nest Aware subscription plans

Google has overhauled its pricing plans for Nest Aware – a program which allows users to record and get alerts from their Nest Cams and Nest Hello doorbells. Starting in 2020, customers will be able to get Nest Aware plan for the entire home, irrespective of the number of cameras used, instead of needing a subscription for each additional camera. Google will offer two plans - 30 days of video history for $6 per month, or 60 days of video history and 10 days of 24x7 video history for $12 per month. The company has also launched a range of new features for Nest Aware.
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Netflix bounces back after showing good subscriber growth in the third quarter

Subscription giant Netflix, which has struggled this year with subscriber growth concerns, has bounced back with strong third quarter results. The company’s global subscribers stand at 158.33 million which has helped allay fears that Netflix’s growth had peaked already. While Netflix’s US growth still fell short of expectations, its international subscriber base grew by 6.26 million to 97.71 million subscribers.
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Amazon now offers free Prime one-day shipping for even low-cost items

Retail giant Amazon is increasingly eliminating reasons for shoppers to physically visit stores. The company has now made it possible for Amazon Prime subscribers to spend as little as $1 on products and receive them the next day without any additional shipping costs. Previously, customers had to spend a minimum of $25 to qualify for free shipping.
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Delta Air Lines introduces a new subscription plan

American carrier Delta Air Lines has launched a new subscription plan called SkyMiles Select that will allow flyers to access Group 1 boarding. Analysts think this may have been done to give subscribers an earlier crack at overhead bin space. The company may also be using this to test subscription services which are not very popular in the airline industry.
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Subscription Creep now affecting 27% of people in the US

Cord cutters in the US are experiencing subscription overload, thanks to an explosion of SVOD services. Despite the widely held belief that video streaming services save money compared with cable services, more than 27% of customers now spend more than $100 per month on streaming services. This is about the same as an average cable customer.
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Facebook moves ahead with Libra despite defections and regulatory concerns

Facebook has officially moved ahead with its cryptocurrency project Libra, despite high-profile defections and regulatory pressure from across the globe. The Libra Association officially signed on 21 charter members at its inaugural meeting in Geneva earlier this week. However, payment giants such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal have recently pulled out of the project.
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