Netflix raises subscription prices in Australia

Netflix raises subscription prices in Australia The subscription giants are back in focus in this week’s subscription roundup. After earlier increases in the US, Netflix has now raised subscription prices in Australia too. So, how will Australian subscribers react to the change? Next, we have Sony which has slashed the prices of its PlayStation Now subscription service to compete with other gaming services. Then, we look at Disney which has inked a one-year content deal with Amazon for Latin America. We also look at Amazon’s efforts to increase its presence in the grocery business. Meanwhile, Spotify is continuing to add new features to improve the experience for subscribers, and video streaming company Roku has started offering free episodes from its premium content to attract subscribers. We also look at new subscriptions for electric trucks and beer! And we finish with a report on the state of SVOD services in the US.

Netflix increases subscription prices for its premium plan in Australia

After increasing prices in the US earlier this year, Netflix has now increased prices for its subscribers down under. The company has raised the price of its premium subscription plan from A$17.99 to A$19.99 but has not changed the price of its basic (A$9.99) and standard (A$13.99) plans. Will this hurt Netflix in the long run?
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PlayStation Now subscription service reduced to $9.99 per month

Sony’s PlayStation Now service has got a big price cut – the monthly subscription will now be pegged at $9.99 per month in the US, $10 cheaper compared with the previous price of $19.99. In addition, Sony is also adding more blockbuster games to the service such as Grand Theft Auto V and God of War. Arch rival Xbox’s Game Pass also costs $9.99 month whereas the recently launched Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade both cost $4.99 per month.
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Disney content will be available on Amazon Prime Video in Latin America

Disney has entered into a one-year deal with Amazon to host its titles on Amazon Prime Video in Latin America. The deal will run till September 2020, since Disney plans to bring its upcoming Disney+ service to the region in the first quarter of 2021. Disney+ will launch in the US, Canada and Netherlands on November 12th this year, whereas Australia and New Zealand will get access to the service from November 19th.
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Amazon has big plans for its grocery business

Amazon made waves when it acquired Whole Foods in 2017. Now, the company wants to enter the grocery business in a big way by opening stores in key locations across the US. This follows reports that Amazon is planning an entirely new grocery chain, distinct from its Whole Foods business.
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Spotify adds new feature for playlists

Spotify has announced a new feature that will allow users to add podcasts to playlists. Subscribers can create custom playlists of their podcasts. The move comes as the company is aggressively pushing podcasts on its platform. In addition, Spotify is also getting Siri support with iOS 13. Once the feature is fully launched, iPhone users will be able to request Spotify songs through Siri.
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Roku offers free episodes from its premium subscriptions

Earlier this year, Roku expanded its Roku Channel to include premium content as well. The company is now trying to attract more viewers to its main channel by offering free episodes from its premium subscriptions. This will allow viewers to get a taste of premium programmes in a bid to convert them into paying subscribers. Netflix is also following a similar strategy in India to attract non-subscribers to its fold.
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Rivian wants to launch subscriptions for electric trucks

US-based vehicle start-up Rivian is exploring a subscription service for electric trucks as part of its factory-direct retail model. The company plans to produce a number of electric vehicle models and sell them directly to customers without a traditional franchised dealer network. Will the service find many takers?
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Beer subscriptions, anyone?

Beer platform is planning to launch a beer subscription trial in the UK. Customers who subscribe to the service will get a box of English beers every month at a fixed fee. The company plans to launch three beer subscriptions. Beerwulf eventually plans to expand to other European countries as well.
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Nearly 50% of US broadband homes have multiple SVOD services

A new research report has revealed that the number of US broadband households subscribing to two or more SVOD services has more than doubled since 2014. 46% of broadband homes have multiple video streaming services, with reportedly 235 video streaming services operating in the country since the start of 2019.
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