Netflix teams up with Sky to deliver on-demand TV service

Netflix teams up with Sky to deliver on-demand TV service In this week’s subscription roundup, streaming giant Netflix is at the forefront again as it has joined forces with British broadcaster Sky. The news about the partnership was first revealed in March, but more details have now been made public. In other news, music streaming service Spotify is taking a shot at music labels by allowing artists to upload directly on their platform. Volvo has also revealed that its first fully electric cars will be based on an all-inclusive subscription model. Finally, we feature Amazon’s new ‘Scout’ recommendation service.

Netflix and Sky join forces

Earlier this year, we reported that Netflix had reached a content sharing agreement with Sky. Now, more details about the Netflix-Sky partnership have been revealed. According to the deal, Sky will make Netflix content available to its subscriber base with built-in subscription pricing options. There will be two different packages: Ultimate on Demand and Sky Q Entertainment. The first package will cost £10 a month, whereas the second one will be priced at £12 per month.
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Spotify wants to bypass music labels

Popular music streaming service Spotify has launched a new beta feature that will allow artists to directly upload their songs to the platform, cutting out the middlemen such as music labels and other digital aggregators. The beta program is currently available on an invite-only basis. This news follows our June report where we mentioned that Spotify is looking at making direct licensing deals with artists. Can Spotify further disrupt the music industry?
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Volvo to debut electric cars in the US with all-inclusive subscriptions

Volvo will debut its Polestar electric cars with all-inclusive subscription packages in the US. The idea behind the service is to bring in a Netflix-style model which combines automotive and insurance costs into recurring monthly payments. The cars are set to enter the market early next year and will compete with rival Tesla in the electric car space. Subscription models are becoming an increasingly popular way of gaining access to cars.
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Amazon testing ‘Scout’ service for shopping recommendations

Trust Amazon to transform retail into a science! The company is testing a new service called Scout which is aimed at customers who do not necessarily know what they want and are open to recommendations. Scout will ask shoppers to like or dislike products and respond by showing other recommendations. It is essentially trying to use machine learning to improve the browsing experience on its website which has often been criticised.
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