Amazon launches new music tier called Amazon Music HD

Amazon launches new music tier called Amazon Music HD Subscription giant Amazon continues to improve its services. The company has just launched a new tier of its music service which serves high quality audio to listeners. Amazon Music HD is our main highlight in this week’s subscription roundup. We then explore an interesting new app called Free Trial Surfing that automatically cancels subscriptions at the end of a free trial. Meanwhile, Apple continues to add to its subscription kitty with a new AppleCare insurance subscription program, whilst music streaming giant Spotify has also made a new acquisition to further build out services for artists. Next, we look at France’s leading Pay TV group Canal+ which will start selling Netflix subscriptions from next month and Indian food delivery unicorn Zomato which has become the latest entrant in the crowded video streaming space. And finally, we look at a new report which unveils the market share of subscription video streaming services in the US.

Amazon betting big on high-definition music streaming

Amazon has launched a new version of its music streaming service called Amazon Music HD. The service offers ‘lossless’ versions of audio files and is aimed at music enthusiasts. Amazon is taking on Tidal, which is its main competition in this space. The company will charge $14.99 per month for Amazon Music HD which reduces to $12.99 for Amazon Prime customers. Tidal’s plan costs $19.99. Will customers take to such an expensive plan?
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UK-based app automatically cancels free trials to avoid bill shocks

A new app called Free Trial Surfing aims to help customers avoid bill shock at the end of free trials by automatically cancelling their subscriptions. Free Trial Surfing uses a virtual credit card number and invented name to let customers test the app and then automatically cancels the subscription before the main billing period kicks in. Free trials have been abused by many subscription businesses and the app wants to tackle this aspect of the subscription experience.
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AppleCare is now available as a subscription

Apple’s recent event may have been more about its hardware and big-bang subscription services, but a new AppleCare subscription offering slipped under the radar. AppleCare has been an insurance option for Apple’s hardware devices for many years and the company is now taking it to the next level by offering it as a subscription. The monthly rates will be $7.99 for AppleCare Plus and $12.99 for AppleCare with theft and loss protection.
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Spotify acquires music production marketplace SoundBetter

Music streaming giant Spotify has acquired SoundBetter, a music production marketplace for artists, producers and musicians to collaborate on projects. The acquisition is an effort to move away from its dependence on a business model which is built around paying music streaming royalties to labels. Earlier this year, Spotify acquired two podcasting companies – Anchor and Gimlet Media.
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Canal+ to sell Netflix subscriptions in France

France’s leading Pay TV group Canal+ will bundle Netflix subscriptions for customers. The company hopes that customers will pay a monthly fee to access a subscription bundle, instead of paying separately for multiple services. People who subscribe to Canal+ for €20 per month will be able to add another package (which includes the Netflix standard plan) for €15 per month.
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Zomato launches new video streaming service

Indian food delivery service Zomato has become the latest company to foray into video streaming. The content will be available under a new ‘Videos’ tab in the existing Zomato app. Interestingly, all Zomato Original shows will be focused around food, which seems to be a good way to keep its core audience hooked on the platform.
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Subscriptions account for 86% of US consumer video spending

Subscription video streaming services are increasing their market share in the US. According to a new research report, subscriptions account for 86% of consumer video spending, which is a significant shift from its share in 2012 when it was close to 50%. The number is likely to go up further as new SVOD services from Disney, Apple, WarnerMedia and NBC Universal are in the offing.
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