Apple Event: Apple reveals launch and pricing details for Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade

Apple Event: Apple reveals launch and pricing details for Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade The Apple event has traditionally been known for its impressive line-up of hardware devices but the company’s increased emphasis on services means that the occasion is now becoming more important for subscription industry watchers too. Sure enough, there were new announcements around the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, but Apple also revealed new details about its video streaming service Apple TV+ and gaming subscription service Apple Arcade. The Apple Event is our lead story in this week’s subscription roundup. Meanwhile, Apple’s rival Google is making its own moves in the gaming subscription space with confirmation of its Google Play Pass service. We then look at Amazon which has launched its Prime subscription service in Brazil and examine a report which states that subscriptions may be inevitable for Facebook. Next up, Spotify has added a new feature which will allow Snapchat users to share content with their friends while publisher ‘The Atlantic’ has launched new subscription plans. And finally, we look at the state of the music streaming industry in the US.

Apple announces details of its newest consumer subscription services

Apple announced a slew of new products and details about its subscription services at its annual fall event earlier this week. Along with a trio of smartphones and an updated iPad and Apple Watch, Apple revealed the launch dates and pricing plans for its new video streaming and gaming subscription services. Apple Arcade is all set to launch on 19th September in 150 countries with 100 games. The service will cost $4.99 per month. Its new SVOD service Apple TV+ will also cost $4.99 and will be available in 100 countries on its launch date of 1st November. Not surprisingly, the shares of Netflix and Disney tanked after the announcement due to the aggressive pricing by Apple. The Cupertino giant now boasts of 6 consumer subscription services.

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Google’s competitor to Apple Arcade coming soon

Rumours about Google’s gaming subscription service have been doing the rounds from early this year and the tech giant has now confirmed that the Google Play Pass is coming soon. The teaser came out a day before Apple announced details about its Apple Arcade service. Early reports have suggested that Google Play Pass may also be priced at $4.99. After music streaming and video streaming, it looks like the next subscription wars will be fought on the gaming front. Let the ‘subscription’ games begin!

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Amazon launches Prime subscription service in Brazil

Amazon has its sights set on capturing the Latin American market with the launch of its popular Prime subscription bundle in Brazil. Amazon Prime will start off as a scaled-down version of its US counterpart, offering free shipping for around a quarter of the items in its marketplace. Residents in 90 cities will get access to two-day shipping whereas other areas will take three days or more. Brazilian subscribers will also get access to Prime Video, Amazon Music, games, books and magazines.

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Are subscriptions inevitable for Facebook?

Ads have played a big role in Facebook’s growth until now, but that may change quickly as consumers and even regulators across the globe increasingly care about privacy and personal data. Facebook has already been fined a hefty $5 billion by the FTC for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Moving away from the advertising model to a subscription model may help Facebook address privacy concerns, reduce costs and grow sales. For instance, a modest price of $3 per month would generate $57 billion in annual revenues with 1.59 billion active users on the social media platform.

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Spotify will allow users to share directly on Snapchat

Music streaming giant Spotify has launched a new feature that will allow users to share what they are listening to with their Snapchat friends. The Snapchat share option will be available on the iOS and Android versions of the Spotify app soon. Spotify already allows users to share content with other apps such as Instagram and Facebook.

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‘The Atlantic’ launches a new subscription plan

Multi-platform publisher ‘The Atlantic’ has become the latest media & publishing company to embrace the subscription model, launching three new subscription plans and also introducing a metered model on its website. The digital-only subscription plan will cost $49.99 per year, the print and digital access plan will be $59.99, whereas the Premium plan is priced at $100 per year.

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Paid music subscriptions top 60 million in the US

According to a new report from the Recording Industry Association of America, subscriptions are driving the growth of the US music industry. Total music revenues grew to $5.4 billion in the first half of 2019, with streaming accounting for 80% of it. In addition, the number of paid music subscriptions has hit the 60 million mark for the first time.

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