Ubisoft launches gaming subscription service

Ubisoft launches gaming subscription service French gaming company Ubisoft has launched a new gaming subscription service called Uplay+. The gaming subscription industry is now getting increasingly crowded with the likes of Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony and Apple throwing their hat in the ring. Ubisoft’s new service is our main highlight in this week’s subscription roundup. We then look at Amazon which is expanding its streaming TV line-up. Next, Spotify is taking its Premium Duo plan to 14 more countries. Finally, Porsche is expanding its subscription service to more cities in the US and Canada.

Ubisoft launches Uplay+ subscription service for Windows

Gaming company Ubisoft has launched the Uplay+ subscription service for Windows, priced at $15 per month. The company is currently giving a free trial where players will get unlimited access to more than 100 games, including new releases, back catalogue, premium editions, and additional content packs. Who will become the ‘Netflix’ of the gaming industry?

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Amazon expands its streaming TV line-up

Amazon continues its push into subscription TV with a line-up of new products that leverage the Alexa voice assistant and Fire TV software. Amazon has also launched a new version of its Fire TV Cube which lets users control their TVs, cable box and other inputs with just their voice.

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Spotify launches Premium Duo in 14 Latin American countries

Music streaming giant Spotify has launched Premium Duo – its two-person subscription plan aimed at families – in 14 Latin American countries. The plan offers a significant discount compared with the price of two separate premium accounts. For instance, a single Premium plan costs €9.99 per month in Europe while Premium Duo costs €12.49 per month.

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Porsche brings its subscription plan to more cities

Luxury car maker Porsche is expanding its car subscription service to four more cities in the US and Canada. The two-tiered monthly subscription service, called Porsche Passport, will also become $100 dearer at $3,100 per month. The service will be launched in Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix and Toronto.

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