Best Practices: Approaches to Billing

Best Practices: Approaches to Billing
With a Good-Better-Best multi-tier pricing structure, your business can appeal to a wider market by offering prospective customers a range of product packages and payment structures tailored to their needs, with the option to upgrade. What does a typical three-tier plan look like?
By repackaging their offerings into multiple product tiers, subscription businesses can more effectively address the needs of different customer segments and significantly increase market access. Thanks to Good-Better-Best pricing, providers can realign their proposition based on customer need and perceived value, with an entry level product for first time sign-ups; a mid-range option for more experienced users; and a high-end “pro” version for customers who demand the most. These packages can increase revenues and attract a broader customer base, with the ability to upsell customers to a higher value package too.

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But to provide your customers with this personalised experience, and at the right price point, your charging and billing platform must also feature this same level of flexibility to price and package your offerings.

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