• Bill and collect recurring revenue from any type of service

  • Deliver standard or fully customisable invoice templates

  • Ability to support more than 100 different currencies

  • Supports multiple tax schemes

  • Proven scalability and performance

  • Powerful rating of metered usage

Everything you need to bill and collect payments


Whether you issue a physical invoice or not, the billing engine will calculate all subscription and variable usage charges for each customer, applying relevant discounts and any miscellaneous adjustments, and allow you to take payments according to the customer's preferred payment method.

Skyline also manages taxation, including support for multiple tax schemes to calculate tax under different geographic rules or according to the customer type, for example residential, corporate or government clients. 

In addition, Skyline is provided with a set of standard invoice templates which can be re-branded according to local business requirements, as well as offering a flexible invoice design service for bespoke invoice layouts.

Everything you need to bill and collect payments

Complex billing made easy 

Rolled-up billing: Account charges from one account can be accumulated and applied to a parent account, at a higher point in the customer billing hierarchy, providing maximum flexibility when managing multiple-entity customers like families or corporate structures.

Configurable bill cycles: Enable up to 28 bill cycle days to suit your customers and your company using either 'anniversary' billing, where the bill cycle day is automatically set when they first subscribe, or by allowing customers to choose their preferred bill cycle day.

Billing QA process: Allows companies to manually review and approve their bill run process, ensuring the highest quality assurance before issuing invoices and collecting money from customers.
Complex billing made easy

Advanced billing features include 

Advance Invoice Period: Set specific products to be billed and invoiced a configurable number of months in advance of the service period.

On-demand Bill Request: Users can request on-demand bills at any time to invoice unbilled charges, credits and payments of the Account since the previous cyclical bill.

Auto and Manual Payment Allocation: Freedom to apply full or partial payments to a single bill, multiple bills or at the Account level.
Advanced Billing Features

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