• Supports any type of transactional usage

  • Comprehensive balance management

  • Powerful usage mediation capabilities

  • Sophisticated pay-per-use pricing models

  • Unit and money-based prepaid allowances

  • Intuitive and flexible usage loader

Powerful rating engine

Building upon more than a decade of supporting the complex rating requirements of the telecommunications world, Skyline delivers sophisticated transaction-based pricing using a powerful real-time rating and balance management engine.

Skyline supports any type of metered usage, including discrete events, such as pay-per-view video, and variable consumption, such as IaaS/SaaS models, where the price may depend on a combination of duration and volume of usage, for example.

Service classification, time, location, volume, or any other usage attribute can be used as a basis for tariffs, with tiered tariff structures available to stimulate and incentivise greater use.
Powerful rating engine

Multi-dimensional pricing structure

Event-based usage pricing: Skyline supports a multi-dimensional pricing structure that allows different pricing models to be applied into a single service or subscription. For example, a usage-based hosting service can be configured to be charged using a combination of variables, such as: data volume in gigabytes, CPU usage time in hours and the number of API requests. 

Price plan management: The Price Plan management user interface provides an intuitive way to create, view and modify all usage tariff details with flexibility to support pricing models using either Per Unit or Segmented Usage tariff schemes.
Multi-dimensional pricing structure

Balance Management

Skyline supports unit and money-based allowances to extend the possibilities of monetisation for your usage-based services. This model, also known as prepaid or pay-as-you-go, can be used to sell credits in advance for seasonal customers that are not ready to invest in a recurring subscription or for those who prefer the greater financial control an allowance provides.

No Allowance: This is the traditional "postpaid" metered product where any submitted usage is priced according to the associated tariff rates and charges posted to the next available invoice.

Unitary Allowance: This option allows the user to configure a product allowance that will be tracked and consumed by every unit record submitted for this subscription, plus an optional overage rate. Units can be modelled as emails, clicks, messages, Gigabytes, hours, etc. 

Monetary Allowance: This is similar to the previous unitary model, but in this case, the allowance given is in monetary amounts instead of units, and a tariff rate is required to convert and calculate the consumed amount. 
Balance Management

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