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Digital Transformation World 2018

Location: Acropolis Convention Center, 1 Esplanade Kennedy, 06300 Nice, France

Date: 14th May 2018 to 16th May 2018

Cerillion will be participating at the TM Forum's Digital Transformation World at the Acropolis Convention Center in Nice, 14th - 16th May, where we will be demonstrating Cerillion Skyline as part of the Catalyst Project "Proving the Business Model for Sponsored Network Slices: Mobile Gaming".

Digital Transformation World 2018
Can you put a price on a flawless mobile user experience? The answer is most certainly yes, and offering consistently reliable, application-aware sponsored mobile experiences is a great way to loop in advertisers, but what’s the business model? This Catalyst is dedicated to proving the case for delivering app-aware, branded network slices with a focus on the enormous opportunity to monetize sponsored mobile gaming.

Champions: Orange, NTT
Participants: Sigma, Nokia, Cerillion, Cloudstreet

Visit us in the Catalyst Zone to find out more about Sponsored Data business models and how a cloud billing solution enables the rapid launch of new services. Book an appointment now to secure a meeting with one of our expert consultants.