Cerillion & Compaq Cooperate in Launch of "Complete" Interconnect Solution

London, 23rd April 2002 - Convergent customer relationship management and billing specialist, Cerillion Technologies, today announced that it has launched a complete Interconnect billing solution with help from Compaq. .

IBAS “One” is a complete system that includes all hardware, software, implementation, training and first year support in one single, fixed price package. Said Robin Burton, Cerillion Technologies Head of Marketing: “We realised that a large number of operators still do not use a full Interconnect system. However, the current pressure on margins means that such systems are becoming ever more important, if not vital, to operator survival. We therefore concluded that there was a growing need for a low cost and easy to implement interconnect accounting solution. Interconnect needed to be as low cost, and as easy to implement, as possible.”
IBAS “One” is based on the Compaq DS20 platform. The package is defined with a Compaq part number to ensure that the correct combination of components is always delivered. A large part of the software is also pre-installed in the factory prior to shipment. This reduces costs and the need for implementation staff to spend extended time on site. An added benefit is the speed with which a system can be implemented.
Louis Hall, Cerillion Technologies CEO commented: “We realised that for operators needing solutions up to about 500,000 CDRs per day there is a lot of commonality in requirements. At the same time a review of the implementation costs revealed that a large proportion is due to accommodating small differences in specification. IBAS One delivers a high level of commonly used functionality at a very affordable price. Operators with special needs can instead look at the standard IBAS system which can be configured to meet the needs of any size and complexity of operation”.
IBAS “One” can, however, be extended with additional hardware, software facilities, ongoing support contracts and training. This includes a “Bandwidth Trading” option that allows operators to forge the best value deals with Interconnect partners. Interconnect consultancy, similar to that offered under the Cerillion “Total Interconnect Management” scheme, is also available as an option.
Bruce Gibson, Cerillion Technologies Market Development Director added: “The simplicity and component based approach that we have taken means that it is much easier and cost effective for channel partners to work with us. We have also structured our pricing approach to be particularly attractive to the channel.”