Cerillion Implements CRM And Billing For Converged Operator In Under 12 Weeks

London, 28th April 2003 - Convergent CRM and Event Based Billing specialist, Cerillion Technologies, has successfully implemented a CRM and Billing system for Sotelgui of Guinea, a Telekom Malaysia subsidiary. The Cerillion system has replaced two existing systems, one for Sotelgui’s fixed wire customers and one for the operator’s GSM customer base. It was implemented in conjunction with INSYS Solutions SDN BHD of Malaysia.

The system also included support for metered calls. It covered a broad scope with the implementation of credit control and collections management, as well as EPOS and roaming functionality.
Louis Hall, Cerillion’s CEO said, “We have achieved amazing results at Sotelgui. We have migrated over 40,000 live accounts, converged two independent billing systems, and delivered a complete CRM system in French. This has all been achieved in less than 12 weeks.”
Abd Halim Karim, Executive Chairman of INSYS Solutions SDN BHD commented. “We are delighted to be working with Cerillion Technologies at Sotelgui. This is our first implementation of Cerillion and we are delighted to have delivered a result that has increased the rating and billing performance by a factor of 30. We will be announcing further mutual successes soon.”