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Subscription Industry in Evolution: Key Challenges and Solutions

The subscription industry is in a state of flux. Changing customer preferences, entry of traditional businesses, new benchmarks set by subscription business leaders and subscription billing dynamics have all led to a spurt of new challenges facing the fledgling industry. The key thing to note here is that subscription businesses do not have the luxury of learning from traditional businesses since it is a fundamentally different way of running a business. They need to adapt, evolve and respond to challenges while striving for growth in a hyper-competitive environment.

Subscription Industry in Evolution: Key Challenges and SolutionsThis e-book outlines some of the key challenges in front of the fast growing subscription industry and offers ways to think about the potential solutions. The answers can be as easy as letting go of inertia or as challenging as building a compelling value experience for subscribers. We hope that this subscription e-book will reiterate the idea that the subscription industry is all about thinking subscriber-first and not business-first!