With high expectations for 5G private networks and many in the industry pinning their hopes on the enterprise market to offset declining revenue from consumers, CSPs must really up their game in order to take advantage of the B2B opportunity. It's no longer enough to simply negotiate bespoke packages and price plans on a case-by-case basis, to be successful CSPs need to focus on the B2B customer experience and deliver the same levels of automation and self-service that buyers have come to expect from their consumer services.

Based on the company's pre-integrated BSS/OSS Suite, Cerillion Enterprise is a pre-packaged SaaS solution for B2B telcos needing to automate their quote-to-cash process and improve their customer experience. Combining lead management and CPQ, with billing by purchase order and flexible payment allocation rules, the system leverages more than 22 years’ experience of working with B2B telcos to deliver streamlined business operations in the enterprise market.

How do we do it?

Flexible Product Catalogue

Fail fast and succeed quickly, with an intuitive product catalogue that allows you to rapidly build, test and launch new B2B products and packages based on reusable components and templates.

Streamlined Sales

Accelerate sales with an intuitive and fully configurable sales and order management system, including CPQ and comprehensive lead and opportunity management capabilities.

Hierarchical Billing

Support complex enterprise billing demands with multi-level hierarchies, flexible billing frequencies, billing by purchase order and flexible payment allocation rules.

Convergent Charging

Create new revenue streams from convergent services with a unified charging engine for all customer types, service types and payment methods.

Workflow & Provisioning

Boost customer satisfaction using automated workflow and provisioning to ensure service integrity throughout the fulfilment lifecycle.

Analytics & Insights

Unlock the full value of your B2B customers through AI/ML and enabling users to easily explore, visualise and query data in real-time.

Don't just take our word for it

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Ready to find out more?

Don’t be blinded by sales slideware, book a personalised demo now to see how Cerillion Enterprise can take your B2B business to the next level.

  • Automate your quote-to-cash

    Streamline your B2B sales with a fully integrated lead and opportunity management system.

  • Create new custom plans and packages

    Easy to use product catalogue allows you to manage all your B2B products, services, tariffs and packages in one central system.

  • Deliver a better billing experience

    Provide more choice and flexibility over when your B2B customers are invoiced and how they pay.