Smart cities are set to revolutionise modern urban living, with high-speed networks and fully connected city infrastructure providing the foundation for a more efficient and sustainable way of life. To deliver on the promise requires back-office systems that can not only scale to support millions of connected devices and sensors, but also provide the flexibility to enable new business models that drive innovation for city planners and digital service providers.

Based on the company's BSS/OSS Suite, Cerillion Metro is a powerful BSS/OSS solution for smart cities which automates smart city operations and enables the monetisation of connectivity, utilities and ICT services, across consumer and business segments, and through both retail and wholesale business models, all in one convergent platform.

How do we do it?

Flexible Product Catalogue

Fail fast and succeed quickly, with an intuitive product catalogue that allows you to rapidly build, test and launch new smart city products for both retail and wholesale channels.

Wholesale Gateway

Quickly on-board new service provider partners with a streamlined integration layer based on industry standard TM Forum Open APIs.

Convergent Charging

Create new revenue streams from smart city services with a unified charging engine for all customer types, service types, business models and payment methods.

Hierarchical Billing

Support multiple billing entities including citizens, families, properties and business structures, using multi-level hierarchies and rolled-up / split billing options.

Digital Identity

Extendable data model can be used to create and manage unique citizen IDs to provide access to all smart city services.

Analytics & Insights

Unlock the full value of your smart city data through AI/ML and enabling users to easily explore, visualise and query data in real-time.

Don't just take our word for it

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Ready to find out more?

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  • Automate your operations

    Create a fully scalable smart city through pre-integrated BSS/OSS modules and end-to-end process automation.

  • Monetise new smart city services

    Flexible product catalogue and powerful convergent charging engine allow you to monetise any B2B, B2C and B2B2X services.

  • Create new revenue streams

    Open up your infrastructure to easily on-board new service provider partners and develop new wholesale / retail relationships.