Cerillion puts Self Care into the hands of the Subscriber

London, 25th March 2002 - Convergent customer relationship management and billing specialist, Cerillion Technologies, today announced the launch of a new handset based self care system for mobile operators and service providers.

Cerillion Handset Based Self Care allows subscribers to manage their relationship with the operator through checking bills, paying bills, self provisioning new services and registering and tracking trouble tickets. However the company believes that the system’s major impact will be in the way that it changes the subscriber’s relationship with their service providers.
Says Bruce Gibson, Cerillion Technologies Director of Market Development: “Cerillion Handset Based Self Care helps the subscriber to feel in control. The system helps them to check, at any time, the status of both their billed and their unbilled usage. This is particularly vital for the roll out of new, value added services. The immediate feedback from the system dissolves that fear of an ever mounting and out of control bill.”
The system is available as part of the full Cerillion CRM and Event Based Billing system. However it can also be supplied for use as part of a “best of breed” implementation for use with third party systems. It forms part of Cerillion’s growing catalogue of “best of breed” components that includes the Cerillion Event Based Billing & Rating Engine and the Cerillion Web Based Self Care System.
Louis Hall, Cerillion Technologies CEO commented: “Handset based self care is vital for service providers offering GPRS or 3G based value added services. It gives users direct access to service at any time and from anywhere. It is a logical, and far more useful, alternative to web based self care. As well as delivering higher effective levels of customer care and satisfaction, it also delivers higher efficiencies and savings within the customer management function.”