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Launching a new Wholesale Platform for fibre business collaboration

OpenNet is a wholesale telecoms business providing access to multiple fibre networks in Denmark through a dedicated wholesale platform. It was created to establish a broad collaboration between Service Providers and Infrastructure Owners throughout Denmark to open up and grow the Danish fibre market, with a clear goal that it will benefit all parties:

  • Infrastructure Owners can increase the penetration / use of their fibre networks and thereby create increased income which can be used to expand their networks into more remote areas.
  • Service Providers will be able to reach more customers by gaining increased coverage through access to multiple fibre networks.
  • End Customers will benefit from an increased choice of Service Providers and fibre availability in more remote areas as the combined network coverage expands. 

OpenNet has signed agreements with several major players in the market and is continuously expanding its collaboration.

Following an extensive evaluation process and consultative engagement, OpenNet chose Cerillion to build the wholesale platform based on its Enterprise BSS/OSS suite, including an open integration layer for Infrastructure Owners and Service Providers to access their services, and a comprehensive set of hosting and managed services.

We chose Cerillion because of their cooperativeness and flexibility, their record of accomplishment and because they offered a professional solution that met our needs and demands.
Henrik Møller Nielsen
CEO, OpenNet

The Challenges

As a start-up wholesale business, OpenNet needed to build out the necessary infrastructure and BSS/OSS to launch its services and start on-boarding new Infrastructure Owners and Service Providers.

Key BSS/OSS requirements for OpenNet included:

  • Proven support for fibre infrastructure and services
  • Multi-tenancy to enable all Infrastructure Owners and Service Providers to be managed on the same wholesale system with fully segregated data
  • Comprehensive product catalogue for building new wholesale products and packages
  • Open integration layer and APIs to create an efficient on-boarding process for new Infrastructure Owners and Service Providers

The Results

OpenNet went live on Cerillion with its first Service Provider launching in early 2019 and have successfully on-boarded 15+ Service Providers to the wholesale platform so far, with more in progress. Using a template driven model has enabled a smooth on-boarding process. On the southbound side, OpenNet is also now successfully connected to 10+ Infrastructure Owners, making OpenNet the platform of choice for wholesale fibre, offering broadband access to more than 1 million households and more to come. Key to OpenNet’s success has been using a standardised wholesale platform to manage all the Service Providers and Infrastructure Owners. René Skjøde Andersen, Head of Programme at OpenNet explains: “Our first goal was to prove that we had a robust wholesale platform and could successfully on-board our first Service Provider and Infrastructure Owner partners. Having successfully achieved that first milestone in early 2019, we have also now proved that we have a compelling offer which has attracted all the major ISPs onto our platform and are continuing to expand our reach. We saw an opportunity to transform the fibre market in Denmark. By working with Cerillion, we have created a centralised platform that benefits both Infrastructure Owners and Service Providers, and ultimately delivers greater choice and better service levels to end customers.”




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