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Digital BSS and Managed Services

Norlys is Denmark’s largest integrated energy and telecommunications group with approximately 750,000 co-operative shareholders, 1.7 million customer relationships, 3,000 employees and over 100 years of history. With an open fibre network reaching 700,000 addresses, customers can choose Internet products and TV content from among the ten service providers that are part of Norlys' fibre collaboration through OpenNet (another Cerillion customer).

From its roots as a regional electricity company, Norlys has grown steadily and expanded into the communications industry to become a modern energy and telecom group serving both the B2B and B2C markets.


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Following an in-depth tender evaluation process, Norlys selected Cerillion for its wholesale and retail BSS due to the comprehensive breadth of its pre-integrated BSS/OSS suite and the ability to support new services through configuration not customisation, enabling Norlys to stay on a standard product path and benefit from regular product upgrades.


By centralising our operations with the Cerillion Managed Service, we are allowing our own staff to focus on growth, whilst leveraging the strength of Cerillion’s team to improve overall productivity and ensure the business scales efficiently.
Morten Bilgrav Mathiasen
CIO, Norlys

The Challenges

As a result of various mergers and acquisitions, Norlys identified the need to standardise its telecom business support systems with a common cross-functional platform to support multiple different brands, as well as common processes to deliver efficiencies across the business.

Key BSS requirements included:

  • Proven off-the-shelf product for fibre-based services
  • Deliver a fully digital customer experience
  • Scalable platform to support future growth
  • Support for wholesale and retail business models
  • Easy integration through standards-based APIs
  • Full-service vendor partner with managed service options     

The Results

Since starting the original project for what was then SE Group, the company subsequently rebranded to Norlys and restructured creating separate Infrastructure Owner (IO) and Service Provider (SP) business units, interconnected only through the country’s open access wholesale platform provided by OpenNet. This structural separation being vital to ensuring equal access to Norlys IO’s network infrastructure for other service providers in the country, as well as giving the Norlys SP business unit access to customers in other parts of Denmark not served by Norlys’ own network. Cerillion worked closely with the Norlys team to replan the transformation programme and create distinct digital BSS platforms for each business unit – the IO system focused on service fulfilment and wholesale customer relationships, with the SP implementation dedicated to the retail relationships with end customers. With the systems now in place, Cerillion is also helping Norlys to grow its business by operating the networks of other infrastructure owners too – for example, an agreement with Thy-Mors Energi has extended its network footprint into northern Jutland. “The successful implementation of our new BSS/OSS solution is a fantastic achievement by Cerillion and our team at Norlys, opening up significant new opportunities for us to grow and expand our infrastructure business. Automating our fibre service fulfilment with Cerillion has created a highly scalable business model which allows us to focus on further network expansion; Cerillion actively contributes with their Telco expertise, for the benefit of our business development.” Magnus Just Olesen, Vice President of Net Planning Norlys Furthermore, Cerillion is helping Norlys to achieve significant economies of scale by leveraging its managed services team to run both Norlys’ wholesale (IO) and retail (SP) operations, as well as helping to launch new products and offers quickly using best practices. "In an open and highly competitive broadband market, operational efficiency and business agility are absolutely crucial to our on-going success. By centralising our operations with the Cerillion Managed Service, we are allowing our own staff to focus on growth, whilst leveraging the strength of Cerillion’s team to improve overall productivity and ensure the business scales efficiently.” Morten Bilgrav Mathiasen, CIO Norlys




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