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Self Service

Empower Your Customers

Cerillion Self Service is a configurable off-the-shelf application that enables self-service account management and online sales from any browser.

With customers increasingly preferring to contact their Communications Services Provider (CSP) online, rather than via a traditional call centre or dealer outlet, there is growing pressure on CSPs to ensure their online portals deliver on the promise of 24x7 self-service. However, the dramatic growth in smartphone and tablet computing means that CSP websites must be flexible enough to adapt to the customer’s current device and not force them back to a PC to manage their service or buy a new package.

Cerillion Self Service provides a versatile platform on which to offer a range of online self-service features including: buying new services and bolt-ons; viewing and paying bills; and managing spending controls and automatic top-ups; all available as a multi-language mobile first web portal. It supports multiple brands and can be delivered as a complete off-the-shelf web application or tailored for integration with existing web portals, helping to drive online sales and service strategies, complementing call centre services and improving the overall customer experience.

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Key Benefits

Improved customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction by providing 24x7 access to primary customer service and sales functions.

Cross-selling and up-selling

Promote complementary products and services, with low-touch online ordering and payment.

Lower cost of operations

Reduce the volume of calls to contact centres, allowing key resources to focus on more complex customer service requests.

Key Features

Self Service provides a comprehensive set of features for offering online sales direct to both new and existing customers using its own online store or through integration with an external sales catalogue. Customers browse the product catalogue and sign up for specially designed online packages containing a single product / service, or a bundle of multiple products as defined in Enterprise Product Catalogue or an external shopfront application.

The Online Store works using a familiar shopping basket approach, allowing customers to add products to their basket until they are ready to go ahead and place their order. The shopping basket is visible at all times within the Online Store, allowing customers to easily view and modify the contents of their basket as required.

As part of the sales flow in Self Service the end user is presented with the opportunity to compare products before making their final selection and proceeding with the sale. A range of filters assist with the selection of products to compare. The sale is then progressed by the user clicking on the 'Pick' option provided for each of the compared products. This action could result in the user being directed to the next step in the sales journey i.e. if the user was choosing a handset, on click of 'Pick' the user will be directed to the next page i.e. Plan selection.

Self Service delivers an online Account Management presence, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in their preferred language and accessible on any web-enabled device. Customers can maintain all details of their Account, including updating demographic details, viewing and paying bills, managing payment agreements, and monitoring their overall spend. The application can be used by both individual consumers, wanting to take control of their personal finances, and corporate administrators needing to manage overall company spend on their communications services.

Self Service provides an online Service Management environment for maintaining all aspects of your communications services at any time of the day or night. Customers can choose to update their service preferences including content controls, network settings, automatic top-ups and spend limits, as well as making package changes and buying boosters using prepaid credit or an existing payment method. Customers can also choose to upgrade or downgrade their Services at any time, providing that no contract or bundle conditions are broken by the change.

Self Service helps business customers to support their employees who work from home with a dedicated portal for managing the ‘split billing’ of their communications services. Using a Self Service employer account, business administrators can manage which elements of an employee’s residential package will be paid for by the company, whilst employees retain control and billing responsibility for other service options and upgrades.

Customers can use the Web Chat feature to gain direct access to a Customer Services Representative (CSR) at any time. By opening a Web Chat session, the Customer is automatically routed to an available CSR who is using the Cerillion CRM Plus application. The chat session continues until either party ends the session, at which point details of the chat are automatically recorded in the customer history within CRM Plus.

Self Service supports special offers where introductory pricing will be available to new customers for a limited promotional period. This includes a number of free days or months of service, or a period where a discounted price will apply.

Self Service can be easily integrated within an existing customer portal or delivered as a complete web application as required. Built using stylesheets and neutral iconography, Self Service can be readily ‘re-skinned’ to comply with CSP branding requirements. 

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By working with Cerillion as our trusted partner we have been able to launch our new business with the minimum of fuss, in line with the Lobster DNA English, easy and effortless.

Jansen Reyes

Technology Director, Gibtelecom

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