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Revenue Manager

Maximise Your Revenue

Cerillion Revenue Manager is a convergent billing and revenue management solution for mobile, fixed, cable and multi-play communication service providers.

The role of billing is becoming ever more important as CSPs look to create greater value and loyalty in their customer relationships. The fierce rivalry between CSPs and the threat from over-the-top (OTT) digital services providers means that the ability to offer multi-service bundling with cross-product discounts and incentives, all presented on a unified invoice, is now a critical success factor.

Cerillion Revenue Manager is at the heart of the pre-integrated Cerillion suite, enabling revenue generation from any type of service. Flexible billing relationships mean that multiple business models can be supported in the same system, including B2C, B2B and B2B2X value chains. In addition, event-based real-time charging provided by CCS and rules-based discounting means that any mix of services can be combined to create attractive end-user packages for prepaid, postpaid and hybrid customers.

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Key Benefits

Convergent billing

Service agnostic billing and revenue management, supporting any kind of network, content or transactional billing.

Increase ARPU

Drive increased revenue with content partnerships, cross-product promotions and imaginative service bundles.

Build customer loyalty

Launch multi-play bundles of mobile, fixed, internet and TV services to create more value in the customer relationship and reduce churn.

Improve time-to-market

Launch new packages and price plans in a matter of minutes through straightforward configuration.

Operational efficiency

Streamline back office operations by automating key billing processes to improve accuracy.

Scalable and robust

Cost-effectively scale from small installations of several thousand subscriptions to large, multi-million subscriber deployments and multi-site solutions.

Key Features

Revenue Manager delivers complete billing flexibility at every level of the account hierarchy. The solution provides a range of features, including rolled up and multi-party billing, billing by purchase order, flexible bill formatting by market segment, and support for multiple languages.

Revenue Manager can be used to support a variety of different types of invoices and statements, including:

  • Initial bill – to cover connection fees
  • Periodic bill – for usage and subscription
  • Bill by purchase order – for B2B use cases
  • Final bill – when an account is terminated
  • Ad hoc bill – to cover any special circumstances
  • Prepaid statement – usage against prepaid balance
  • Mixed bill – including postpaid charges and prepaid usage statements
    • Statement of account – contains a summary of all currently unpaid bills and unused credit notes

Revenue Manager incorporates a powerful rules-based discount engine to enable the rapid creation of new promotions and tailored offers for companies, affinity groups, clubs and other specific groups or individuals. Discounts can be applied at the point-of-sale, during charging (in CCS), or at billing time, and can be based upon any attribute. New discount schemes can be introduced quickly, using either existing discount templates, or an intuitive rules-based language which enables complex discount conditions using logical operators (e.g. AND, OR, NOT).

Revenue Manager supports many types of discount including:

  • On a single product or on combinations of products
  • On quantity, time or date
  • On customer demographic information
  • On cell, switch, IP or web address
  • On total usage across hierarchies

Revenue Manager provides improved operational efficiency for multi-country business models. This encompasses enhanced support for operations that span multiple countries and/or currencies, with segregated user access and currency conversion at the point of customer payment. Each account is allocated a country and currency at account creation time. Furthermore, more than one currency can be defined per country.

Revenue Manager provides a complete system for roaming partner management, CDR rating, billing and management of visiting roamers on your network. You might only offer prepaid services to your own domestic customers, however visiting roamers can be a valuable source of additional revenue. Without the need for installing a separate retail billing system, Revenue Manager provides a complete and self-contained solution, which can be used with or without a clearing house according to your chosen roaming strategy.

Revenue Manager is fully equipped to manage the sophisticated B2B2X business models associated with next generation data and Internet of Things (IoT) services. Individual events can trigger a number of separate transactions for each member of the value chain. For example, debiting the consumer and any sponsor accounts, as well as crediting any content and delivery partners. Each transaction can be calculated using a flexible combination of flat rates, percentage commissions and other charges. 

Revenue Manager provides a range of tools to support the financial management of customers and accounts, including comprehensive revenue recognition capabilities to meet the IFRS 15 and ASC 606 reporting standards. This includes a centralised transactions ledger and detailed sub ledger, which itemise all financial transactions and are used to update external General Ledger systems; a cash ledger for over the counter transactions; and a range of standard management reports for day-to-day financial control.

Revenue Manager provides a comprehensive suite of tools to accept payments and recover outstanding debt, including automated collections and dunning procedures. The system supports deposits, part-payment, over-payment, and advance payments, as well as budget payment plans and calculating late payment interest. Online viewing of payment allocation provides an accurate view of outstanding debt and revenues received, and incentives can be offered to encourage take-up of automated payment methods.

Revenue Manager provides financial staff with a suite of tools to recover debt and help manage the financial exposure associated with high risk customers. Each customer is allocated a credit profile that defines their collection plan and an un-billed credit limit. Credit ratings are updated dynamically based on invoice payment patterns and previous collection actions, resulting in more aggressive or more lenient actions according to the assessed risk. 

Revenue Manager produces a set of control reports and is equipped with a Business Objects “universe”, enabling flexible reporting through the industry standard reporting tool. It also provides traceability of all charges through billing process, enabling switch to bill reconciliation and supporting your revenue assurance activities.

Revenue Manager supports multiple tax schemes to calculate taxation under different geographic rules or according to the customer type, for example residential, corporate or government clients. Within each tax scheme Revenue Manager can model specific tax regimes for each product or service type. A tax regime can also be zero-rated and tax exempt. Cerillion supports the US tax system through integration with the EZTax solution from Avalara.

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