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Convergent Charging and Product Catalogue for MVNE

MVN-X is the MVNE business unit of Ignition Group, one of Africa's largest providers of technology, media, telecommunication and financial services.

MVN-X is a dynamic company that enables leading brands, retailers and corporates to become MVNOs by providing the necessary infrastructure, operating systems and processes through a seamless integrated solution.

On a growth trajectory which will see them double their subscriber base to more than 1 million subscribers in 12 months, MVN-X identified the need to upgrade its online charging system (OCS) to support the latest generation of charging options including balance sharing and balance transfers, as well as enabling the MVNOs to become fully self-sufficient and improve time to market.

After an in-depth selection process and consultative engagement, MVN-X chose Cerillion to implement the Convergent Charging System and Enterprise Product Catalogue modules from its Enterprise BSS/OSS suite, providing a 5G-ready native diameter OCS enabling rapid integration to the host network, whilst reducing complexity and streamlining operations.

Cerillion gives us Tier 1 technology that allows us to compete head-to-head with the most innovative of mobile network operators, so we can carve out market share with MVNO brands that are not necessarily experienced in mobile or fixed communications.
Valde Ferradaz

The Challenges

As an established MVNE serving 10+ separate retail brands, MVN-X needed to upgrade its charging capabilities to support the next stage of growth for the business. 

Key requirements for MVN-X included:

  • High performance online charging system (OCS) to support rapid business growth
  • Native diameter network integration
  • Comprehensive product catalogue to enable MVNOs to design and build their own offers
  • Multi-tenanted solution to support multiple retail brands on one platform
  • Open integration with MVN-X’s existing systems
  • Real-time migration from legacy OCS to new platform
  • Future-proof the business for 5G services

The Results

Part way into the implementation, the coronavirus pandemic hit, resulting in travel restrictions for both the Cerillion and MVN-X project teams. However, MVN-X recognised the importance of pushing ahead with this strategic project to ensure its business plans remained on-track, so the two companies worked in close collaboration to re-plan the implementation and ensure the delivery could be completed entirely remotely. With a distributed project team spanning multiple time zones, Cerillion adjusted its working hours to fit with its MVN-X counterparts using daily stand-up meetings and online collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams to bridge the communications gap. The system went live in June 2020, during the height of “lockdown”, a remarkable achievement for the migration of a mission-critical real-time system. Key to the successful implementation were the strong relationships formed at all levels between Cerillion, MVN-X and the other third-party suppliers; these were crucial in ensuring that dependencies were met, and deadlines hit. Valde Ferradaz, CEO of MVN-X, explains: “Cerillion is a vital component of our growth strategy and we are optimistic to be working with such a world class organisation. In addition to the clear product benefits, one of the key reasons for choosing Cerillion was their impressive track record of project delivery all around the world. This has proven to be crucial in us completing this strategic project on budget, despite the difficult circumstances that we all face during this pandemic. From the outset, the Cerillion team aligned itself with our project team and partners, using online collaboration tools and transparent communication to ensure that the project would be a success. We are delighted with the results.”




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