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CRM Plus

Connect With Your Customers

Cerillion CRM Plus is a comprehensive omni-channel CRM solution that integrates all aspects of the customer relationship lifecycle for telecoms services.

In a world of convergent services and an ever-increasing focus on content and applications, managing the customer relationship across a range of different service channels is more important than ever. It is essential that customers receive a fast, efficient and consistent service, and that promises are kept. Swift resolution of problems helps to build customer loyalty, and brings opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell other services. Moreover, with margins under pressure it is essential in helping control operational expenditure.

CRM Plus provides a fully integrated suite of functions to allow sales and customer service staff to manage all aspects of the customer lifecycle efficiently: from initial contact, to sales, post sales, and financial and marketing management. It helps improve the customer experience by enabling high quality, consistent customer service across all contact channels, including call centre, dealer outlet, online self-service and social media platforms. Integrated workflow management and automated processes enable streamlined operations whilst providing a complete audit trail of customer contact activities.

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Key Benefits

Optimised for telecoms services

CRM Plus is specifically designed to manage the business processes of a communications services provider

Improved customer experience

Real-time access to all information enables a rapid response to customer enquiries

Streamline your order-to-cash

Pre-integrated with Service Manager and Revenue Manager modules for end-to-end sales fulfilment

Omni-channel customer service

Deploy in call centres, retail outlets and with the optional Self Service module for online sales and self-service account management

Operational efficiency

Integrated workflow management helps streamline key business processes, with automated procedures and task dependencies to ensure consistency

Single source of the truth

A single system for managing the complete lifecycle of customers, products, services and revenues

Key Features

CRM Plus provides a 360º view of all customer information, offering dashboards for CSRs and managers showing key indicators and any outstanding issues. All CRM functions are immediately accessible enabling authorised users to manage the complete customer lifecycle through an intuitive user interface, including configurable keyboard shortcuts to enable quick navigation around the application.

  • See all customer events and service information in real-time, whether initiated from the web, call centre or retail outlet
  • View and maintain complex account hierarchies

The Account Dashboard provides a true 360º view of all account information, using a set of dynamic and context aware cards to present key information associated with an account, including easy integration of 3rd party cards to provide a single pane of glass. With drill down access to detailed items and the ability to carry out financial actions such as re-issuing bills, sending credit notes and suspending collection plans, CRM Plus provides a single point of entry for all account management activities.

CRM Plus includes an intuitive sales and order management system to streamline your new sales and customer management processes for both B2B and B2C markets. Comprehensive lead and opportunity management is complemented by powerful CPQ capabilities, allowing quotes to be issued for both new and existing customers. Configurable business rules then determine the mandatory and optional steps required to complete a new sale or service change, guiding CSRs through the end-to-end process and initiating the requisite work orders and provisioning actions.

CRM Plus incorporates sophisticated staff management features to configure and control all users within a Service Provider organisation. Access to customer accounts can be restricted according to market segments, as well as varying levels of user access on a screen / function basis and field level encryption options. Single Sign-on and Active Directory integration ensure the highest levels of security and prevent unauthorised access to customer information.

CRM Plus includes a powerful tool for templating, selling and amending customer contracts.  This includes controls for viewing service contract state, support for early contract renewal and penalty fee waiving. This feature provides improved governance of customer contracts and CSR access to contract milestone dates and provides the operator with opportunities for upsell and churn prevention.

CRM Plus provides a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of functions to manage all types of document/email and to automate document handling as much as possible, including integration with Microsoft Exchange Server, Office365 and electronic signature systems such as DocuSign. Document types includes customer contracts, bills, collection letters and other more general communications, with a document management API used to store and retrieve documents from any location.

CRM Plus provides a fully convergent approach to customer management. Prepaid customers can benefit from the same level of service as contract customers, including CSR access to statements of usage against a prepaid balance, and self-service functions through the Cerillion Self Service module. 

CRM Plus also enables mixed account hierarchies, combining postpaid contracts with prepaid subscriptions, and the ability to migrate users between prepaid and postpaid. Marketing campaigns can be developed including prepaid subscriber profiling, helping to boost loyalty and stimulate increased usage amongst this traditionally volatile segment.

CRM Plus includes a fully featured event management and trouble ticketing system. Customer events including tracking, re-assignment and escalation are managed through CSR work diaries. It helps CSRs to be more efficient with automation and guided workflows for complex transactions, and offers real-time service analysis for management action.

CSRs can also improve their productivity by using bulk changes to speed up many labour intensive tasks including changing tariff plans, clearing common trouble tickets, or provisioning a new service to a group of users.

CRM Plus incorporates a workflow management engine to ensure that promises to customers are kept, avoiding billing errors and customer complaints down the line. Conditional workflow logic controls key business processes including order management, sales, provisioning, collections and dunning, linking together both automatic actions and manual procedures to ensure that nothing is forgotten. New processes can be launched in a matter of minutes, and it also manages priorities and issue escalation.

CRM Plus incorporates a range of features to support physical inventory management for both mobile and fixed network resources, including:

  • SIM Management
  • Voucher Management
  • Device Management
  • Stock Management
  • Service Numbers

Don't just take our word for it

Cerillion helps us to deliver a superior customer experience by enabling all customer interactions to take place through one unified user interface.

Andre Foster

Chief Information Officer, C&W Communications

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