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Output Streamer

Personalise Your Communications

Cerillion Output Streamer is a powerful document fulfilment tool, providing flexible design, production and distribution control of invoices and other customer communications.

With the ever-present threat of churn, clear and effective communication can make a real difference to customer satisfaction and, as a result, customer loyalty. Invoices are expected to be much more than “a piece of paper”, and customers would like a choice of delivery methods, including e-mail and internet retrieval, as well as traditional postal services. From initial contracts to periodic invoices and collection letters, every document provides an opportunity to build the customer relationship, and increase customer lifetime value.

Cerillion Output Streamer provides presentation and distribution control over all document output produced from the Cerillion solution. It enables common document designs and consistent communication across all channels, helping to build Communications Services Provider (CSP) brands and boost customer loyalty. It also brings opportunities to create a more personalised relationship with each customer. Documents may be sent by email, SMS, fax and other distribution methods allowing each document type to be used as the basis for targeted marketing campaigns and cross-sell or up-sell promotions.

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Key Benefits

Build your brand

Complete control over document layout and imagery helps deliver a consistent brand image across all forms of customer communication.

Improved customer experience

Tailor your communications to the needs of each market segment and and reduce call centre requests through clearly presented customer communications.

Increase ARPU

Add campaign messages and marketing inserts to drive up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Key Features

Output Streamer enables documents to be tailored for customer groups or individuals, allowing for the customer’s preferred language, targeted marketing campaigns or specific inserts using optical marks. Invoice formatting can be determined according to each customer’s selected payment method, including printing of barcodes for streamlined payment processing, and rules can be applied to determine the sorting of itemised usage details. The input data stream can also be enriched by external database look-ups to provide additional personalisation data for complex document requirements.

Output Streamer minimises reliance on expensive print houses for document formatting and production. It has an easy to use, graphical interface, making training of non-technical users simple. Design changes can then be made quickly in-house, supporting new marketing campaigns and strengthening the company brand across all forms of customer communication.

Output Streamer supports document distribution in a wide range of formats and channels, including: PDF, XML, SMS, Email, HTML, ASCII, FAX, HTTP, HTTPS. A single input stream can be used to drive multiple different outputs – for example, a payment reminder could be sent by SMS, Email and printed letter simultaneously. Documents can also be automatically stored in the RePRINT archive, enabling document retrieval and re-distribution on demand. Output Streamer is pre-integrated with Cerillion CRM Plus and Cerillion Self Service, enabling CSRs to recall document images at any time from the desktop, and customers to view bill images online.

Don't just take our word for it

Customers seem to like the new bill format and are pleased with the streamlined interaction and experience with our customer services teams.

Tim Bristow

CEO, Gibtelecom

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