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Integration Layer

Increase Your Agility

Cerillion's Integration Layer provides a comprehensive suite of options to accelerate integration and open up BSS/OSS capabilities to ecosystem partners.

To take advantage of new technologies such as 5G and IoT, Communications Services Providers (CSPs) need to be able to launch new services quickly and fully automate their operations. However, most CSPs are still plagued by siloed systems and poorly integrated solutions, hampering their ability to respond to market changes or onboard new service partners. In order to compete with more agile Digital Services Providers (DSPs), CSPs must open up their BSS/OSS systems using industry standard APIs to improve interoperability and scale up their partner ecosystems.

Cerillion's Integration Layer opens up exactly the same APIs that are used natively within the Cerillion suite to external systems and applications. Built using the REST standard, Cerillion has achieved Gold-level certification with the TM Forum for its Open APIs, underlining its commitment to delivering open and standards-based products in accordance with the TM Forum’s Open API & Open Digital Architecture Manifesto. The Integration Layer also includes a dedicated Wholesale Gateway, allowing service providers (ServCos) to easily connect into a wholesale operator (NetCo) that is using Cerillion, as well as a wide range of connectors to widely used 3rd party systems.

Key Benefits

Open new ecosystems

Create new revenue streams by opening up BSS/OSS capabilities to ecosystem partners.

Faster implementation

Deliver faster with proven, standards-based integration.

Secure integration

Comprehensive API management policies for secure and robust integration.

Key Features

Cerillion is fully committed to the TM Forum’s Open API & Open Digital Architecture Manifesto and has achieved Platinum status in the Open API Conformance Certification program.
TM Forum’s suite of 60+ REST-based Open APIs has been collaboratively developed to be used in a range of scenarios, internally enabling service providers to transform their IT and operational agility and customer centricity, while externally delivering a practical approach to seamless end-to-end management of complex digital services.

By adopting this standards-based approach, Cerillion is making it easier to integrate its modules as part of an enterprise architecture strategy.

Wholesale Gateway is designed to operate alongside the core BSS/OSS product suite, leveraging Cerillion’s rich set of TM Forum Open APIs, to provide a purpose-built interface for service providers (ServCos) to easily connect into a wholesale operator (NetCo) that is using Cerillion.

Wholesale Gateway provides a dedicated and secure authorisation layer and comprehensive API management policies, allowing ServCo business support systems to create new sales orders and services in CRM Plus, which will then be billed (wholesale) through Revenue Manager.

The Cerillion Notification System is designed around the TM Forum Open APIs and works as a central service to communicate updates to external systems. It works on a publish and subscribe basis, allowing other systems to register to receive updates from specific APIs such as Inventory or Trouble Tickets, streamlining integration with other cloud-native and on-premise applications.

In addition to the TM Forum Open APIs, Cerillion provides a further set of REST APIs covering a wide range of functions and utilities including Authorisation, Communities, General Ledger, Loyalty Management, Bulk Loader and Logging.

As well as a rich set of APIs, Cerillion has been integrated with a wide range of external applications and has connectors for many 3rd party systems including:

  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • General ledger
  • Banking
  • Payment gateways
  • SIM card suppliers
  • Stock management
  • Credit check
  • Address lookup
  • Trouble ticketing
  • Chatbots
  • Surveys
  • E-Signature
  • Document management

Don't just take our word for it

Congratulations to Cerillion on achieving the Gold level for Open API conformance certifications. The Cerillion team is demonstrating its commitment to TM Forum’s Open API standards, which will benefit the entire enterprise IT ecosystem by enabling new applications and digital services.

George Glass

CTO, TM Forum

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