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Resource Domain

As a trusted Business Support Systems BSS/OSS vendor, we understand the critical role of the Resource Domain in the success of Communications Services Providers (CSPs) and Digital Services Providers (DSPs). Aligned with the TM Forum Frameworx model, we offer comprehensive solutions and support to enable our clients to excel in this domain. Our advanced BSS/OSS solutions cater to various aspects, including Resource Specification Development, Resource Order Management and Provisioning, and Resource Mediation & Reporting. With our innovative solutions, service providers can optimise resource management, streamline provisioning processes, and gain valuable insights into resource consumption.

Resource Specification Development

Our BSS/OSS solutions provide robust capabilities for resource specification development. Service providers can define and customise resource catalogues, create detailed resource specifications, and adapt to evolving network requirements. With flexible resource packaging and easy-to-use specification tools, our Network Inventory solution empowers service providers to design and manage resources effectively, ensuring accurate provisioning and optimal resource utilisation.

Resource Order Management and Provisioning

Efficient resource order management and provisioning are crucial for CSPs and DSPs to deliver services with speed and accuracy. Our BSS/OSS solutions offer end-to-end resource order management capabilities, enabling service providers to streamline the entire order lifecycle. With automated workflows, real-time order tracking, and integration with other products in the BSS/OSS suite, Service Manager facilitates efficient resource provisioning, ensuring timely delivery and activation of resources. By optimising order management and provisioning processes, service providers can enhance operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Resource Mediation & Reporting

Accurate resource mediation and reporting are essential for service providers to gain insights into overall resource usage and performance. Mediator Plus provides comprehensive resource mediation and reporting capabilities, enabling service providers to accurately mediate resource usage data, generate detailed reports, and gain actionable insights into resource utilisation trends. With our solutions, service providers can make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and identify opportunities for cost savings and performance improvement.

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