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Product Domain

As a trusted BSS/OSS vendor, we understand the critical role of the Product Domain in the success of Communications Services Providers (CSPs) and Digital Services Providers (DSPs). Aligned with the TM Forum Frameworx model, we offer comprehensive solutions and support to enable our clients to excel in this domain. Our advanced BSS/OSS solutions cater to various aspects, including Product Specification & Offering Development, Product Lifecycle Management, Product Inventory Management, Product Configuration and Order Management, and Product Rating / Usage / Balance Management. With our innovative solutions, service providers can accelerate time-to-market, streamline product operations, optimise inventory management, and deliver exceptional product experiences to their customers.

Product Specification & Offering Development

Cerillion provides robust capabilities for product specification and offering development. Service providers can define and customise their product portfolios, create compelling offerings, and adapt quickly to evolving market demands. With flexible pricing models, easy-to-use graphical configuration tools, and the ability to publish catalogues to multiple systems, our Enterprise Product Catalogue empowers service providers to design innovative products that meet customer needs and drive revenue growth.

Product Lifecycle Management

Managing the entire lifecycle of products is crucial for service providers to stay competitive. Enterprise Product Catalogue streamlines product lifecycle management processes, from ideation to retirement. Service providers can efficiently manage product versions, track product performance, and automate product retirement processes. With our solutions, service providers can introduce new offerings faster, enhance product bundling strategies, and adapt to market changes with agility.

Product Inventory Management

Efficient product inventory management is essential for service providers to ensure product availability and meet customer demands. Cerillion offers comprehensive inventory management capabilities through CRM Plus, allowing service providers to track, manage, and optimise their product inventory. Real-time visibility into stock levels and efficient allocation of resources help service providers to streamline inventory management and improve customer satisfaction.

Product Configuration and Order Management

CRM Plus provides robust product configuration and order management capabilities, enabling service providers to efficiently handle customer orders. With automated workflows, real-time order tracking, and integration with other modules in the BSS/OSS suite, our solutions enable streamlined order processing, accurate provisioning, and improved order fulfillment cycles. By optimising product configuration and order management, service providers can enhance operational efficiency and deliver exceptional service to customers.

Product Rating / Usage / Balance Management

Managing product rating, charging, and balance management are critical for service providers to ensure accurate billing and to deliver personalised customer experiences. Our Convergent Charging System (CCS) enables monetisation of new network capabilities such as network slicing using session and event-based charging. Service providers can accurately rate product usage, track customer balances, and implement real-time balance controls. By providing accurate billing and personalised usage information, our solutions enable service providers to enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

Don't just take our word for it

Cerillion gives us Tier 1 technology that allows us to compete head-to-head with the most innovative of mobile network operators, so we can carve out market share with MVNO brands that are not necessarily experienced in mobile or fixed communications. Cerillion is a vital component of our growth strategy and we are optimistic to be working with such a world class organisation.

Valde Ferradaz


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