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Service Manager

Accelerate Your Order-to-Cash

Cerillion Service Manager is a complete telecom order management and service fulfilment solution for fixed, mobile, cable and convergent services.

Increasing competition and the convergence of networks and devices dictates that to differentiate their offerings, Communications Services Providers (CSPs) must manage an ever more sophisticated and broad set of services. Whether it be fixed operators launching mobile and convergent services, mobile operators adding broadband to their portfolios, or new virtual operators re-selling a full suite of telecoms and content services, it is essential that the complex portfolio of service capabilities are transformed into easy to order and simple to use products. Legacy OSS and BSS silos designed for a single service type, slow down new service rollouts and inhibit service flexibility, leaving operators at the mercy of their more agile competitors. In this environment, being able to efficiently manage the complete service lifecycle, from network capability and service creation, to customer order and service personalisation, is one of the critical factors for on-going operator success.

Cerillion Service Manager provides a complete closed-loop service fulfilment solution, which enables efficient network resource utilisation and turns new service capabilities into new revenue streams, fast. Combining service order management and provisioning with a comprehensive product catalogue and an optional network inventory solution, Service Manager provides the power to reduce time-to-market for new services and deliver improved levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Key Benefits

Multi-play service management

Complete service orchestration for triple-play and quad-play service portfolios.

Improve time-to-market

Rapidly develop new services by assembling proven service building blocks using GenAI or a drag-and-drop UI.

Rules-based provisioning

Manage business rules, dependencies and exceptions for complex service bundles.

Service integrity

Improved service and revenue assurance through pre-integration with CRM Plus and Revenue Manager modules.

Improved customer experience

Conditional workflow controls the entire fulfilment process and ensures that promises to customers are kept.

Operational efficiency

Supports seamless end-to-end business processes through pre-integration in Cerillion suite.

Key Features

Service Manager supports the management of service instances throughout their entire lifecycle, from initial fulfilment and activation to service changes and service recovery. The system offers comprehensive workforce management capabilities, including the option to integrate with third party appointment management systems, supporting the full range of service types such as fixed line, mobile, cable, TETRA, IN, VAS and new 4G/5G service applications, and allows bundling and unbundling of service combinations.

Service Manager provides the power to activate, update or terminate services automatically on any network device or application, based on workflow conditions and dependencies. Service Manager provides an open and flexible mechanism to interface with any number of network elements, either via direct, serial connection to a network element terminal port or over TCP/IP. It utilises user-definable command profiles enabling the rapid introduction of new services without the need for software customisation.

Service Manager is pre-integrated with the Enterprise Product Catalogue module, which is a business oriented solution that enables efficient management of the multitude of sophisticated products and services required today. It enables end-user products to be created based on re-usable product and service elements, improving time to market for launching new services and ensuring network capabilities are matched with the commercial products.

Service Manager incorporates a workflow management engine to ensure that promises to customers are kept, avoiding complaints and revenue leakage down the line. It controls key business processes including order management and provisioning, and populates the attributes required for each service instance. Using conditional workflow logic to link together both automatic actions and manual procedures, Service Manager ensures that all the necessary job steps are undertaken to complete a customer order, managing action priorities and issue escalation where required. Similarly, workflow avoids inefficiencies by ensuring tasks are undertaken only when all necessary prerequisites are complete.

Service Manager is pre-integrated with the optional Network Inventory module, which manages the physical and logical network resources used to build services. This allows “bottom up” service creation, based on real network capabilities, ensuring only services which are available on the network can be offered in commercial packages to the end customer. Linked with workflow and order management, it also helps provide alternative services where a customer’s first choice of service is unavailable. 

Service Manager provides a range of workforce management options, including definition of engineer tasks, skill and work areas using a points-based system, as well as appointment routing, scheduling and progress monitoring. It includes its own calendar booking system but can also be integrated with external appointment management systems using APIs to fetch / book / reschedule / cancel appointments where required.

Don't just take our word for it

By working with Cerillion, we have created a centralised platform that benefits both Infrastructure Owners and Service Providers, and ultimately delivers greater choice and better service levels to end customers.

René Skjøde Andersen

Head of Programme, OpenNet

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