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Customer Domain

As a leading provider of BSS/OSS solutions, we understand the critical importance of the Customer Domain in the success of Communications Services Providers (CSPs) and Digital Services Providers (DSPs). Aligned with the TM Forum Frameworx model, we offer complete solutions and support to enable our clients to excel in this domain. Our advanced BSS/OSS solutions provide comprehensive coverage of the main business processes, including Customer Order Management, Inventory Management, Bill Payments & Receivables Management, Bill Inquiry Handling, Problem Management, Customer Interaction Management, and Customer Relationship Management. With our innovative solutions, CSPs and DSPs can streamline customer operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive customer satisfaction.

Customer Order Management

Our BSS/OSS solutions provide robust customer order management capabilities, allowing CSPs and DSPs to efficiently handle customer orders from initiation to fulfilment. With automated workflows, real-time order tracking, and integration with other modules in the BSS/OSS suite, our solutions enable streamlined order processing, accurate provisioning, and improved order fulfilment cycles. By optimising the order management process, service providers can enhance operational efficiency and deliver exceptional service to customers.

Customer Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is crucial for service providers to ensure product availability and meet customer demands. Our CRM Plus module offers comprehensive inventory management functionalities, enabling service providers to track, manage, and optimise their product inventory for physical and logical inventory items. Real-time visibility into stock levels and efficient allocation of resources help service providers to streamline inventory management and improve customer satisfaction.

Bill Payments & Receivables Management

Our BSS/OSS solutions streamline bill payments and financial management processes, providing convenient and secure payment options for customers. With multiple payment channels and automated payment processing, Revenue Manager enables efficient payment handling, reducing manual efforts and enhancing customer convenience. Moreover, it facilitates receivables management, including credit control, debt collection, and reconciliation, helping service providers to maintain healthy financial operations and optimise cash flow.

Bill Inquiry Handling

Resolving customer billing inquiries promptly and accurately is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction. CRM Plus includes comprehensive bill inquiry handling functionalities, providing customer support teams with real-time access to billing information, detailed bill explanations, and interactive self-service options. With integrated ticket management, automated workflows, and personalised customer interactions, our solutions enable service providers to address customer inquiries effectively, reduce resolution times, and enhance overall customer experiences.

Problem Management

Effective problem management is crucial for service providers to address customer issues and minimise service disruptions. CRM Plus includes robust problem management capabilities, enabling service providers to handle trouble tickets efficiently. With automated ticket generation, intelligent routing, and SLA tracking capabilities, our solutions facilitate proactive and timely problem resolution. By streamlining problem management processes, service providers can improve customer satisfaction, reduce service downtime, and enhance operational efficiency.

Customer Interaction Management

Efficient customer interaction management is vital for service providers to deliver personalised experiences and build strong customer relationships. CRM Plus offers comprehensive customer interaction management capabilities, providing a unified view of interactions across all contact channels. With features like omnichannel communication, call center integration, and customer interaction history, CRM Plus enables service providers to deliver consistent and personalised customer experiences, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management

Building and maintaining strong customer relationships is a key driver of success for CSPs and DSPs. CRM Plus provides is a comprehensive omni-channel CRM solution that integrates all aspects of the customer relationship lifecycle, allowing service providers to effectively manage customer interactions, preferences, and profiles. From the initial customer touchpoint, to sales, post sales, financial management and loyalty, CRM Plus helps improve the customer experience by enabling high quality, consistent customer service across all contact channels.

Don't just take our word for it

Cerillion helps us to deliver a superior customer experience by enabling all customer interactions to take place through one unified user interface.

Andre Foster

Chief Information Officer, C&W Communications