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Market & Sales Domain

As a trusted BSS/OSS vendor, we understand the crucial role of the Market & Sales Domain in the success of Communications Services Providers (CSPs) and Digital Services Providers (DSPs). Aligned with the TM Forum Frameworx model, we offer comprehensive solutions and support to empower our clients in this domain. Our leading-edge BSS/OSS solutions cater to various aspects including Sales and Order Management, Lead and Opportunity Management, Online Sales, Dealer Sales and Loyalty Management. With our innovative solutions, CSPs and DSPs can optimise sales processes, increase conversion rates, enhance online sales experiences, drive dealer partnerships, and cultivate customer loyalty.

Sales and Order Management

Cerillion provides end-to-end sales and order management capabilities, enabling service providers to streamline and automate their sales processes. From lead capture to order fulfillment, CRM Plus offers real-time visibility into sales pipelines, automates workflows, and comes with seamless integration with other products in the BSS/OSS suite. By optimising product configurations, managing inventory, and ensuring accurate order capture and validation, our clients can accelerate sales cycles, improve order accuracy, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Lead and Opportunity Management

Efficient lead and opportunity management is essential for sales success. Through CRM Plus we offer robust lead tracking, opportunity assessment, and sales forecasting functionalities. By centralising customer information, automating lead distribution, and providing insightful analytics, our clients can effectively prioritise sales efforts, track the progress of opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to maximise conversion rates and revenue generation.

Online Sales

In today's digital landscape, online sales play a vital role in reaching customers and driving revenue. With our Self Service module, we empower service providers with comprehensive online sales capabilities through our fully customisable online portal. Customers can easily browse, compare, and purchase products, creating a seamless and personalised online shopping experience. With intuitive product catalogues, advanced search / filter options, and dynamic product comparison features, our clients can attract customers, boost conversion rates, and differentiate their offerings.

Dealer Sales

Sales through dealers and channel partners are a strategic approach for expanding market reach. From partner onboarding and performance tracking to online sales and deal registration, our Dealer Portal streamlines collaboration between service providers and their dealers and agents. Pre-integration with the rest of the BSS/OSS suite ensures automation of business processes, including real-time visibility of sales performance, helping our customers to strengthen dealer partnerships and drive sales growth.

Loyalty Management

Building customer loyalty is essential in today's competitive landscape. CRM Plus includes comprehensive loyalty management capabilities, allowing service providers to design and implement effective loyalty programmes. Supporting all prepaid and postpaid subscribers, members can earn points for purchases, usage and paying bills on time, and then redeem these points against new sales, top-ups or 3rd party provided services. Leveraging customer insights and analytics, our solutions help service providers deliver personalised experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Don't just take our word for it

The BSS project with Cerillion has been transformational for our business in enabling us to start eliminating manual inefficiencies with the ambition of reducing our ordering processes. The new pre-integrated system avoids data replication issues and has allowed us to begin automating the end-to-end customer journey, moving us towards the utopia of zero-touch provisioning for all our on-net services.

Clive Hurley

Director of Delivery, Neos Networks

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