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Mobile App

Engage Your Customers

Cerillion Mobile App is a white-label self-service mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

The smartphone app revolution means that customers now expect to be able to manage all their accounts and services on their mobile devices. From e-commerce purchases and bill payments, to service changes and account queries, if your customers can’t self-serve on a mobile app then you’re not just alienating a whole generation of digital natives, but missing out on the chance to delight all your customers with the speed and convenience of a digital-first customer experience.

Cerillion Mobile App provides real-time access to account and service information, including balances and allowances through integration with CCS, and drives user engagement through in-app notifications including spend limits, bill alerts and promotional offers. Users can also buy top-ups and boosters directly in the app using a credit card or existing prepaid credit, as well as changing their package options, managing spend limits and viewing bills and itemised usage. Mobile App offers an easy way for customers to manage their accounts and services on the go, with full operator control over app branding and publishing in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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Key Benefits

Digital-first customer experience

Improve customer satisfaction through an intuitive account and service management app.

Optimised customer services

Take the strain away from call centre teams by allowing customers to solve common problems themselves.

Increased customer engagement

Drive positive engagement by creating more touchpoints to up-sell and cross-sell new services.

Key Features

Mobile App delivers a digital-first account management experience, taking the pressure off your call centre services. Customers can quickly check balances, view itemised usage, buy top-ups or boosters, do balance transfers, pay bills and update their account details, all from the convenience of their mobile device at any time of day or night. The app also includes comprehensive user alerts, allowing push notifications for everything from routine billing activities and order statuses, to more proactive spend limit notifications and special offers / promotions.

Mobile App makes it easy for customers to manage their own services, including spend limits, plan renewals and changing the composition of their packages. Users can quickly choose from a list of optional add-ons, with the app ensuring that all package rules are still enforced, and then pay through the app for any additional products / services that have upfront fees.

As a standard off-the-shelf product, Mobile App comes with a rich set of features which can be switched on or off according to operator preferences and includes the option to add links out to 3rd party applications where required, with the look and feel / branding also configurable. It also includes a handy feature “walkthrough” function to teach users about the main app functions and options.

Mobile App is available on iOS 15/16/17 and Android 12/13/14, and is published by the operator through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Don't just take our word for it

By working with Cerillion as our trusted partner we have been able to launch our new business with the minimum of fuss, in line with the Lobster DNA English, easy and effortless.

Jansen Reyes

Technology Director, Gibtelecom

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