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Enterprise Product Catalogue

Accelerate Your Time-To-Market

Cerillion Enterprise Product Catalogue is an AI-powered platform for building, launching and managing all your products, services, tariffs and packages.

In an increasingly competitive telecoms industry, fast time-to-market is now more important than ever as communications services providers (CSPs) must compete with a new wave of digital services providers (DSPs) that are offering their services “Over-The-Top” and direct to telco customers. CSPs need the flexibility and agility to accelerate their product development cycles and quickly build, test and launch new products and packages.

Cerillion Enterprise Product Catalogue is an intuitive product management solution that enables CSPs to rapidly build, test and deploy new products and packages using natural language and image recognition. It allows business users to build once and then control the publishing to multiple target systems, for example test and production systems, as well as other Cerillion modules or for integration with third party systems. Enterprise Product Catalogue is a unified solution for managing all your products, tariffs, rental charges, balances, packages and network services using a single intuitive web application.

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Key Benefits

Faster time-to-market

Take on OTT providers at their own game, by enabling a “fail fast” and “succeed quickly” approach to product launches using GenAI.

Designed for business users

Put your business users in control of the product lifecycle by removing the dependency on IT to implement new offerings.

Easier integration

Flexible publishing engine controls how and when catalogues are published to downstream enterprise systems.

Key Features

The definition and maintenance of products and tariffs is at the heart of Enterprise Product Catalogue. The product and tariff structure has been designed to be as flexible as possible, so as to provide the building blocks and tools which give CSP marketing departments the freedom to innovate quickly. The strategy for achieving this is to provide many different charging mechanisms and to impose very few limitations on how these can be combined, using GenAI to dramatically reduce the time to build and launch new packages.

Enterprise Product Catalogue provides a powerful visualisation of product structures and the relationships between the components. Moreover, the application intuitively enforces these relationships in the construction and management of products, ensuring the validity and data integrity of the catalogue. Having this view enables CSPs to easily identify and address product configuration issues before launching a new offering. The drag and drop interface makes it easy to launch new products and packages by reusing existing product components, including using natural language voice and text instructions.

Core to Enterprise Product Catalogue is a comprehensive workflow engine which controls the publishing of new and updated products to multiple target systems. A user builds new and changed product and rate definitions, then pushes those definitions to one or more end-points. This allows CSPs to define a product once; publish to a test environment; then validate the product definition meets requirements; before publishing to a production environment without extensive re-work. Different validation rules can be specified for each target system, ensuring data integrity is maintained across all systems.

Configuration in Enterprise Product Catalogue is based around the concept of projects and sub-projects. This allows multiple different parallel streams of product management, each with defined lifecycles and end-points. All changes to projects are fully versioned and audited, with access controlled on a per-user basis.

Enterprise Product Catalogue uses templates to enable easy re-use of existing product definitions, and package creation based on typical use cases for your business. The system comes pre-configured with example templates to enable easy product definition.

Enterprise Product Catalogue supports bulk actions for commonly carried out tasks. For example, creating a new Tariff Package as a copy of an existing one so all the call rates are preconfigured, or adding a new Destination Zone and having it automatically create links for all call types.

Enterprise Product Catalogue was developed with extensibility in mind. Whilst the primary driver is to facilitate configuration for other modules in the Cerillion suite (e.g. CRM Plus and CCS), the design supports integration with other BSS and OSS platforms using TM Forum Open APIs, standards-based interfaces and an extendable data model.

Don't just take our word for it

Cerillion gives us Tier 1 technology that allows us to compete head to head with the most innovative of mobile network operators, so we can carve out market share with MVNO brands that are not necessarily experienced in mobile or fixed communications.

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