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SWAN Mobile

4G and 5G Convergent Charging

SWAN, a.s., is a rapidly developing Slovak telecommunications service provider, which aims to provide customers with professional telecommunications solutions of the highest quality. Technological capacities, portfolio of services and rapid development of the company rank SWAN among innovators and leaders within the Slovak national market.

SWAN was the only non-incumbent to win spectrum in the 4G licence auctions that took place in Slovakia in January 2014. This was secured on the back of the experience and expertise in delivering fixed line over fibre, coax and wireless access networks to 120,000 customers in Slovakia over which they offer fixed line voice, high speed broadband and TV services.

From securing this asset SWAN wanted to move quickly towards deploying a new BSS that could support the 4G/LTE services whilst at the same time ensuring the platform selected would be capable of the eventual migration of their existing customer and product base. A four month tender saw them select Cerillion in 2014 and move quickly in to an implementation from that point.

We selected Cerillion due to their expertise in deploying end-to-end BSS solutions, whilst benefitting from their experience of 3GPP charging deployments in other European LTE sites. The pre-integrated platform and quick time to launch helps us to make the fastest and best use of our recently awarded LTE licence, whilst also providing the path to consolidate all of our services on to one BSS in the next phase.
Martin Mosny
Strategy and Development Director, SWAN Mobile

The Challenges

As a new entrant in the mobile market SWAN required a new state of the art charging and billing solution that would support their next phase of growth, and a relationship with a vendor that would become a strategic partner to the company moving forward. 

Key BSS requirements for SWAN included:

  • Native 3GPP charging platform with standard interfaces to network elements such as PCRF (sy) and HSS/CTF(ro)
  • Pre-integrated Product Catalogue common to all components of the BSS, allowing SWAN to define their products once and that definition to be shared between charging, billing and sales (CRM & online self-service)
  • Support for mobile and fixed line voice and data, and pay TV; sold within a single package, rated within a single charging engine and billed on one invoice.    

The Results

SWAN launched a full suite of voice, data, SMS and roaming services in November 2015, under the brand name ‘4ka’, and has grown to around 500,000 subscribers. Cerillion provided a complete solution based on the Convergent Charging System, Revenue Manager, CRM Plus, Service Manager, Output Streamer and Information Manager modules from its Enterprise BSS/OSS suite, tightly integrated in to the ZTE network for charging and provisioning. 4ka prepaid services are sold directly through the SWAN sales channel (including the on-line portal) and from Slovak Post who sell the service through 500 post office branches around the country, helping the company to achieve a market share of approximately 10% in just 5 years from launch. By adopting a platform that is service independent and using the next generation of charging technology SWAN has chosen an approach that future proofs the business for all upcoming product offers and provides a path for on-going expansion and growth of its existing customer base. In May 2021, SWAN commenced its commercial rollout of 5G services, with seamless support for this next generation of mobile services from Cerillion’s Convergent Charging System (CCS) helping them to disrupt the market by automatically providing instant access to 5G for anyone with a compatible device and at no additional cost. "Since our 4G launch in 2015, Cerillion has been a close partner of SWAN Mobile, helping us to grow our business as a new entrant within the Slovakian mobile market. Cerillion’s open and standards-based products make them easy to integrate and upgrade, and we are very pleased with how straightforward it has been to rollout 5G.” Juraj Ondriš, CEO, SWAN Mobile



SWAN Mobile

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