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Business Partner Domain

As a trusted Business Support Systems BSS/OSS vendor, we understand the critical role of the Business Partner Domain in the success of Communications Services Providers (CSPs) and Digital Services Providers (DSPs). Aligned with the TM Forum Frameworx model, we offer comprehensive solutions and support to enable our clients to excel in this domain. Our advanced BSS/OSS solutions cater to various aspects, including Business Partner Offering Development, Party Agreement Management, Business Partner Order Management, Business Partner Bill Payments & Receivables Management, Business Partner Revenue Sharing and Settlement, Business Partner Bill/Invoice Management, and Business Partner Bill Inquiry Handling. With our innovative solutions, service providers can optimise business partner relationships, streamline order management processes, and facilitate accurate billing and revenue sharing.

Business Partner Offering Development

Cerillion provides robust capabilities for business partner offering development covering interconnect, roaming and digital content partnerships. Service providers can define and customise their business partner offerings, create agreements, and adapt to evolving partnership requirements. With features like flexible offering catalogues, easy-to-use agreement configuration, and comprehensive pricing models, our solutions empower service providers to design innovative partner offerings that drive mutually beneficial business relationships.

Party Agreement Management

Efficient party agreement management is crucial for service providers to establish and maintain strong business partner relationships. Our BSS/OSS solutions offer comprehensive party agreement management capabilities, tailored to the needs of interconnect, roaming and other forms of partner agreements, including B2B2X value chains. With automated workflows and real-time agreement status tracking, our solutions enable streamlined agreement management, fostering successful and profitable partnerships.

Business Partner Order Management

Streamlining business partner order management is essential for efficient collaboration and service delivery. Our BSS/OSS solutions provide robust capabilities for business partner order management, enabling service providers to handle partner orders and on-boarding seamlessly. With real-time visibility into partner orders, automated order processing, and integration with other products in the BSS/OSS suite, our solutions facilitate efficient order fulfillment, ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Business Partner Bill Payments & Receivables Management

Accurate and efficient bill payments and receivables management are critical for successful business partner relationships. Our BSS/OSS solutions streamline bill payments and receivables management processes, providing secure and transparent payment options for business partners. With multiple payment channels and automated payment processing, Revenue Manager enables efficient payment handling, reducing manual efforts and enhancing partner satisfaction.

Business Partner Revenue Sharing and Settlement

Business partner revenue sharing and settlement are fundamental aspects of successful collaborations. With advanced revenue sharing models, transparent settlement processes, and real-time visibility into revenue streams, our BSS/OSS solutions enable accurate revenue sharing, timely settlements, and fair compensation for business partners. By providing transparent and reliable revenue sharing mechanisms, service providers can strengthen their partner relationships and foster mutually beneficial collaborations.

Business Partner Bill/Invoice Management

Efficient management of business partner bills/invoices is essential for accurate financial reporting and seamless partner interactions. Our BSS/OSS solutions offer comprehensive business partner bill/invoice management functionalities, tailored to the needs of interconnect, roaming and other partnership models. With our solutions, service providers can streamline bill/invoice management, improve transparency, and enhance partner satisfaction.

Business Partner Bill Inquiry Handling

Addressing business partner bill inquiries promptly and accurately is crucial for maintaining strong partner relationships. Our BSS/OSS solutions provide a single source of the truth for business partner bill inquiry handling, enabling service providers to address partner inquiries effectively, reduce resolution times, and enhance overall partner experiences.

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