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Manx Telecom

Billing at the cutting-edge of new technology

Manx Telecom is the leading communication solutions provider on the Isle of Man, offering a full range of fixed line, mobile, data and hosting services to businesses, consumers, and the public sector, including world class Data Centre and hosting solutions.

Manx Telecom is renowned throughout the telecoms industry as a pioneer of new technology. In 2001, they launched Europe’s first commercial UMTS (3G) services and in 2005 were the first operator in the World to go live with a High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) network. Its Next Generation Network (NGN) is the digital backbone for the Isle of Man’s future development, and has enabled Manx Telecom to offer its business and consumer customers the ability to access and manipulate voice, data, television, and video, on one seamless converged network – the first community in the world to be able to do so.

Throughout this time, Cerillion has been an ever-present strategic partner of Manx Telecom, providing them with a complete Billing solution as they have pioneered not just new network technology, but the business models and pricing schemes these services require.

Cerillion’s convergent charging and billing technology is a key enabler for us to differentiate our services and maximise the return on the investments we have made in our fixed and mobile network infrastructure.
Kevin Paige
CiTO, Manx Telecom

The Challenges

At the leading edge of new technology, Manx Telecom required a system that would support any kind of network and service, and a vendor who could work closely with them as their requirements continued to evolve. 

Key BSS requirements for Manx Telecom included:

  • Convergent prepaid and postpaid charging and billing of fixed (Voice, ISDN, ADSL) and mobile (GSM, GPRS, 3G, HSDPA and 4G) services in a single system
  • Integrated Network Inventory
  • Flexible event-based rating and management of content services
  • Support for new business models
  • Efficient interconnect partner management

The Results

Manx Telecom has undertaken regular upgrades to the Cerillion software since the initial implementation and UMTS and HSDPA rollouts. These pioneering projects for Manx Telecom have also put Cerillion at the forefront of the billing industry – Cerillion being the first vendor to support GSM, 3G and Fixed line services through a single convergent system. In 2006, this went one step further, when Cerillion helped Manx Telecom become the first combined fixed and mobile telecommunications company in the world to gain BABT approval for its billing – the standard recognised worldwide which gives customers an assurance of accuracy in billing and pricing for telecommunications products and services. Following the successful migration of the prepaid customer base into Cerillion in 2016, Manx Telecom now has a fully convergent platform with prepaid and postpaid subscribers having fixed and mobile services all on a single integrated instance of Cerillion.



Manx Telecom

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