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Cerillion hits Platinum-level in TM Forum’s Open API conformance program

London, 5th December 2023 – Cerillion (AIM: CER), a leading provider of BSS/OSS-as-a-Service solutions to the telecoms sector, announced today that it has reached Platinum-level certification for TM Forum Open APIs and is at the top of the list of vendors certified in real-world deployments. This significant achievement underscores Cerillion’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering interoperability within the industry through its API-first architecture.

TM Forum's Open APIs enable seamless connectivity, interoperability and portability across complex ecosystem services, in a program supported by the world’s leading communications service providers (CSPs) and BSS/OSS vendors. Open API Conformance certification for suppliers verifies the successful implementation of Open APIs in commercial products and real-world deployments.

Cerillion’s pre-integrated BSS/OSS suite helps CSPs to transform without fear and innovate with confidence, knowing that their key revenue streams are safe and secure. With its API-first architecture and GenAI integration, Cerillion is enabling CSPs to deliver a seamless omni-channel customer experience, monetise new digital services and intelligently automate business operations. Its high ranking for real-world certifications is confirmation that these Open APIs are at the core of Cerillion’s product set, and not just an integration wrapper.

“Congratulations to Cerillion on achieving Platinum Open API Conformance Certification. This milestone demonstrates their commitment to open standards that are crucial for unlocking innovative applications and digital services,” said Andy Tiller, EVP, Member Products & Services at TM Forum. “Conformance to TM Forum’s Open API standards is a strategic leap empowering the enterprise IT ecosystem. To date, TM Forum’s Open APIs have been downloaded 770,000 times by 45,000 developers from over 2,700 companies worldwide, demonstrating strong commitment and promising transformative impacts across the industry.”

“We are very proud to reach Platinum-level certification for TM Forum Open APIs, underlining our commitment to staying at the forefront of the BSS/OSS sector,” commented Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion. “Real-world certification really is the game changer for CSPs, confirming that our Open APIs are more than just a lab exercise in compliance, but are proven in multiple customer deployments around the world, and we are delighted to be leading the way amongst BSS/OSS vendors.”

Cerillion’s platinum-certified Open APIs are available in the newly launched Cerillion 23.2.

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