Operational Efficiency & Organisational Agility Are Top Issues According To New Billing Industry Survey

London, 29th March 2004 - TelecomTV, the only streaming media portal for the global telecom industry, has completed a survey of opinion on billing issues that shows operators are more concerned with achieving efficiency and agility than anything else. Over 30% quoted “Improving Operational Efficiency” as being their top priority over the next two years.

The survey also asked operators which qualities they considered to be the most important in a billing system vendor and what were the biggest limitations that they were experiencing with their current billing system. 30% said that flexibility was the most important attribute for a vendor whilst 19% quoted implementing new business processes as the biggest limitation with their current system.
Said Guy Daniels, Content Director for TelecomTV: “Many telecom services, and especially voice services, are becoming commodities. The operators have two main strategies to counter this trend and the reduced revenue streams that are the inevitable result. One is to endeavour to reduce costs and so achieve an overall cost leadership position within the market. The other is to segment and target certain groups in the market with special products, packages and tariffs to give a strong differentiation. Customer Relationship Management and Billing are critical to both approaches.”
The survey was sponsored by convergent CRM and Event Based Billing specialist, Cerillion Technologies. Said Louis Hall, MD of Cerillion Technologies: “It is clear that, in the highly competitive market we now have, efficiency and agility are vital to operator success. Clear feedback such as this, together with input from operator forums and other sources, enable us to make the right choices of development priorities.”
A more detailed report on the survey’s findings, together with a TV Documentary featuring interviews with a number of operators on the subject, can be found on the Cerillion Technologies website: www.cerillion.com
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