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Cerillion achieves Gold-level certification for TM Forum Open APIs

London, 8th November 2022 – Cerillion (AIM: CER), an innovator in digital monetisation and customer management solutions, today announced that it has reached gold status in the TM Forum’s Open API Conformance Certification program. By achieving this important milestone with its BSS/OSS suite, Cerillion is underlining its commitment to delivering open and standards-based products in accordance with the TM Forum’s Open API & Open Digital Architecture Manifesto.

Cerillion achieves Gold-level certification for TM Forum Open APIsTM Forum's Open APIs enable seamless connectivity, interoperability and portability across complex ecosystem services. The APIs are developed collaboratively by TM Forum members working in its Open API project. They are technology agnostic and can be used in any digital service scenario, including B2B, Internet of Things, Smart Health, Smart Grid, Big Data, NFV, Next Generation OSS/BSS and more.

Cerillion’s modular and pre-integrated BSS/OSS suite helps communications services providers (CSPs) to transform their customer experience, monetise new services and automate business operations. With the TM Forum Open APIs built into the core product suite and used natively within each module, as well as for module-to-module integration, CSPs can benefit from greater interoperability with other BSS/OSS applications, safe in the knowledge that exactly the same APIs are used for both internal and external integration.

“Congratulations to Cerillion on achieving the Gold level for Open API conformance certifications,” said George Glass, CTO, TM Forum. “The Cerillion team is demonstrating its commitment to TM Forum’s Open API standards, which will benefit the entire enterprise IT ecosystem by enabling new applications and digital services. To date, TM Forum’s Open APIs have been used by more than 36,000 developers from 2,500 companies.”

“CSPs have for years been hamstrung by the proprietary interfaces and closed ecosystems of large vendors which has opened the door for more agile digital service providers to eat their lunch,” commented Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion. “TM Forum Open APIs are a game changer for CSPs, increasing business agility and opening up new ecosystems, and we are proud to be at the forefront of adoption with our Gold-level certification.”

Cerillion’s gold-certified Open APIs are available in the recently launched Cerillion 22.2, which is already under delivery to five customers.

For more information about Cerillion’s BSS/OSS solutions, or to book a call with a consultant, please visit:

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