TM Forum Awards Winner - Outstanding Catalyst Business ImpactBuilding a successful subscription business means making tough choices - do you focus on making your service the best it can be or spend precious time issuing invoices and chasing customers for payment? Without an efficient billing process, scaling your business will mean scaling your finance department to keep up with all the manual processing, leading to increased errors, frustrated customers and reduced cash flow.

Cerillion Skyline takes away the complexity and overhead of running a subscription business by automating all your billing, payments and renewals processes, accelerating your cash flow without constraining your business or compromising your customer experience. Our clients report operational savings in excess of 33% and save on average 4 days per month in cash collection cycles.

How do we do it?

Products and Price Plans

Launch new products fast with Skyline’s intuitive product catalogue for managing the complete range of products, add-ons and charging options.

Subscription Management

Improve your subscription experience with seamless product upgrades / downgrades, automatic renewals and lifecycle event notifications.

Recurring Billing

Deliver more billing choice to your customers through configurable bill cycles, customisable invoice templates and flexible billing hierarchies.

Usage Charging & Metering

Move beyond subscription billing and expand your market through flexible usage charging and metering for value-based pricing.

Self Service

Empower your customers with Skyline’s configurable Self Service portal for offering a comprehensive range of online self-care features.

Automated Payments

Accelerate your cash collection with multiple recurring payment options including credit/debit cards, PayPal and direct debit.

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Don't just take our word for it

What do I need?

Skyline comes in four pre-packaged editions, each with incremental functionality, to support all subscription-based businesses from start-ups to large corporations.

Skyline Essential

Skyline Essential

For startups and small businesses launching their first subscription-based services.

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Skyline Standard

Skyline Standard

For experienced subscription billers looking to provide a more comprehensive suite of services.

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Skyline Metered

Skyline Metered

For subscription billers wanting to introduce usage-based pricing and more sophisticated products and offers.

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Skyline Enterprise

Skyline Enterprise

For large corporates and SMEs needing to manage account hierarchies and tailored pricing models.

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Additional Services and Support

Cerillion provides a range of complementary services to help you implement, integrate and operate your Skyline system:

  • Choose from one of our standard implementation packages and let us take the risk out of your subscription billing project.

  • Skyline comes with its own comprehensive support and maintenance service included in your monthly fee.

  • Our managed services team offers a further range of options to help you manage your subscription business, including billing operations, usage event processing, direct debit file mana

Ready to find out more?

Book a personalised demo to see how Cerillion Skyline can manage all your Subscription Commerce needs.

  • Launch new subscription services

    Easy to use product catalogue allows you to manage all your products, services, charge elements and terms in one central place.

  • Build flexible price plans

    Powerful charging engine supports per unit and segmented pricing models for usage-based services.

  • Sell through multiple channels

    Easy integration through hosted order page or REST APIs, or use the online sales portal for outbound sales strategies.

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