Cerillion Rating Event Engine exceeds 160 million Events per Hour in Compaq Benchmark Tests

London, 11th January 2002 - Convergent customer relationship management and billing specialist, Cerillion Technologies, today announced that it has completed a series of performance benchmarking tests at the Compaq Benchmark Center in Sophia Antipolis, France. 

The tests were carried out on Compaq AlphaServer systems running Tru64 UNIX with up to 16 processors. This is a high performance, highly reliable platform that is widely deployed by service providers in their billing and customer care solutions. The tests involved rating a mix of voice, SMS, video telephony, data and event based service CDRs in order to get a good view of the performance for a typical 3G network.
The benchmark results demonstrated a performance of over 160 Million CDRs per hour on the 16 processor system. The company believes that this is more than enough for a 20 million subscriber system.
Louis Hall, Cerillion Technologies CEO commented: “This shows that the Cerillion rating engine is a world class system capable of supporting the largest of networks. In fact the tests have shown that we can boost performance still further if required. This is an extensive programme of testing and benchmarking that we have undertaken with Compaq platforms. It means that operators can implement our system and be sure of the performance that they can expect.”
“We have been delivering solutions based on Compaq platforms for some time now. These have been implemented with a number of operators and have proven to be very successful. Customers have benefited from a high level of hardware reliability and world class service.”
Bruce Gibson, Cerillion Technologies Market Development Director said: “Broadband network services such as 3G and GPRS are going to need much higher performance rating solutions. This is because we can expect a dramatic increase in the number of CDRs generated compared with a GSM or traditional fixed wire network. Estimates vary from 5 to 20 times as many. Rating can therefore easily become a bottleneck for any network operator trying to bill new services. Cerillion is known for delivering complete, well integrated, end to end solutions for operators. However, these tests show that we can also deliver best in class components such as this rating engine”
The Cerillion system, running on the Compaq platform, has already been implemented for the MMO2 3G trial on the Isle of Man. It is already supporting all of the GSM subscribers on the island together with the new 3G services. Fixed wire subscribers are also due to be added later this year.
As well as high performance rating, the system includes several other innovations including handset based self care and embedded workflow management.