Cerillion Technologies To Support Another 3G Mobile Network

London, 14th July 2003 -  Cerillion Technologies is to provide convergent CRM and event based billing for Wave Telecom. Wave Telecom, launched in December 2002, is the only mobile operator to apply for and receive a 3G licence from Guernsey’s Office of Utility Regulation. 3G services will be launched by April 2004. However GSM and GPRS services will be available from November 2003.

Said Tim Ringsdore, Managing Director of Wave Telecom: “3G opens the door to a whole range of new services for the people of Guernsey. We need a CRM and Billing system that can cope with the range of new charging schemes and business processes that will be involved. Cerillion has already proven itself capable of delivering just such a system. They are a natural choice for us.”
Said Louis Hall, Managing Director of Cerillion Technologies: “Our first 3G CRM and Billing system went live in December 2001 for the O2 network on the Isle of Man. This early experience in 3G has given us tremendous insight to the key issues. We now have a much better understanding of exactly what is important, and perhaps equally important, what is not. On the Isle of Man we are also supporting GSM as well as 3G and even fixed wire services on the same system. For these reasons we believe that we can offer a cost effective and highly efficient solution for Wave Telecom.”